PayPal’s New Commerce Tools – See How PayPal Allows Merchants to Use?

Has someone told you that there are an average of 1.5 million weekly Paypal OneTouch transactions?

PayPal has been around always which makes it easy for it to be taken for granted. Who would have thought that the service we used to pay for eBay would become such an eCommerce force and still be growing strong in 2016?

PayPal certainly doesn’t disappoint merchants or its users.

PayPal Separated from eBay in 2015

After being separated from eBay in 2015, PayPal acquired a commerce startup called Modest which enabled merchants to integrate eCommerce into their applications and emails. Now, PayPal has integrated Modest’s technology into a service for merchants, under the bonnet which the company calls “PayPal Commerce Tools.”

What Exactly PayPal Commerce Is?

PayPal Commerce launched in closed beta. It sets the stage for how PayPal could potentially reboot its platform for the next generation of the Internet. And, already 179 million customers are using PayPal.

Harper Reed, the co-founder of Modest (and before that, the CTO of the Obama campaign and Threadless), who is head of commerce at PayPal’s Braintree said:

Ten Internets ago when PayPal was started, it was all these tools that no one had built yet to bring commerce to the internet. My first startup used PayPal. Now there is a lot of competition and people doing really neat stuff. We want PayPal to be that foundational level again. It’s doing the same thing that PayPal did back in the day, creating building blocks for small retailers to focus on what the future of commerce will look like.

Based on a set of APIs, PayPal Commerce allows third-party service to integrate into the back end of the Commerce platform.

PayPal for Payment Inside ads, emails, Social shares, Apps or whatever

Online merchants can try a new “contextual commerce” tools of PayPal that enable sellers to add PayPal buy buttons directly into social shares, emails, Apps or wherever sellers trying to reach shoppers.

Whether merchants want to set up shop in their inbox or embed a store with a simple SDK, everything can be done by dropping button to the right position.

There are many social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest which are embedding buy buttons on their sites to let users purchase products/services that they see on the social networks.

Launching in a closed beta, PayPal doesn’t get too exact on what percentages it will take for transactions made using integrations through PayPal Commerce, or any of the other details.

Moreover, PayPal is not talking about the Partners yet, however, there are some places where PayPal has already been empowering experiences like this and such thing sound like they were gearing up for Business and will addUber via Facebook Messenger.

The Strongest Point

Due to PayPal’s acquisition of Braintree, it holds a strong position in the payment market. Braintree already owns Venmo and runs payments for Uber, Pinterest, FanDuel, Casper, and more.

Don’t You Think You Should Use PayPal’s New Commerce Tools to Promote Your Products?

We are developing eCommerce application Integrated with PayPal. Being an easy to integrate, PayPal accepts a wide range of cards. Recently, we have developed an app called Notinger, providing live on demand notary services.

It’s an on-demand request application that enables agent and customers to communicate through the phone. In addition to, an application allows the agent to accept/decline certain jobs. And, if the agent accepts the job, he/she can payment through PayPal.

[Updated on 7/03/2016] PayPal Earns Every Time When Users Login Uber, Airbnb

Since the separating from eBay last year, PayPal has been going through some big changes. Recently, the company have introduced a redesigned application and they are monetizing its peer-to-peer payments app, Venmo.

PayPal is ready to expanding its One Touch checkout to its 120 new countries that already have 18 million users. Moreover, they are also doubling down on Braintree that powers transactions on Uber, Airbnb and StubHub.

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