Payment Gateway Integration in Ruby on Rails


Payment gateway integration benefits websites with e-commerce services, where online shopping and money transactions take place. It is safe, secure and hassle free method of handling customer payments.

Basically, payment gateway is an application that makes it possible for the customers to make internet money transactions. For selling their products websites integrate payment gateway solutions in their functionality to keep their business competitive and simplify payment transfer. In short, it is a software that works as an intermediary between the website and the internet.

Payment gateway solution can be integrated in any web framework including Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails (RoR) or better known as Rails is an open source framework which runs on programming language called Ruby. It is a full-stack framework which means it can seamlessly support and maintain a fully functional, modern and interactive website; for example, an e-commerce website.

There are a few prominent applications for payment getaway integration in Ruby on Rails. Some of the few importantones are Stripe,, PayPal, Braintree, Balanced Payment Payment gateways, etc. is an application that allows online payment through credit cards. It also makes online e-check payments safe, easy and affordable.Through PayPal integration in Rails, business personnel and individuals can electronically transfer payment. This application is 


internationally accepted as a source of funds transfer, and so is accepted widely and is now be easily integrated in all types of web frameworks.


Stripe integration in Rails handles failed online payments smoothly. A failed payment can be retried, automatically cancelled if fails repeatedly using Stripe as it apparently has a brain of its own.


Braintree application is another fast and secure payment gateway solution which easily processes internet credit payments after gathering customer information.

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