Payment Gateway Integration in iPhone App Using PayPal iOS SDK or

Is your business ready to incorporate Payment Gateway Integration in an iOS app?

Space-O Technologies is ready with a team of experts skilled at Payment Gateway Integration quickly and flawlessly. Once you decide to partner with Space-O, all that’s left for you to do is decide which method to use.

1. PayPal iOS SDK:

Prior to March, 2013, Apple collected a 30% commission on payments made through their system. But in March 2013 PayPal introduced a new mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows iOS app developers to integrate PayPal checkout and mobile credit card payment mechanisms directly into their apps.

This means you are no longwe redirected to Safari browser on iPhone to complete their transactions after they click on the PayPal icon. With this new SDK users pay without ever leaving the app. The new PayPal SDK also presents users with a simple UI that features credit card scanning and uses a proof of payment system so you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance. Our development team can generate reports and proof of payment/receipt reports with little effort, however, for those who need or want this option.

Another Payment Gateway option often available is to pay with a credit card by taking a picture of the card rather than manually entering the credit card number. Additionally, some retailers have added this option to their website for store gift card redemption. For more details on which retailers offer this user-friendly option, visit:

2. Another solution of accepting payments inside app for goods and services is

At Space-O, we have integrated payment gateway for our client, Ayolla. In this particular situation, our client wanted to offer physical greeting cards through her iOS application without sharing 30% of the revenues with Apple on iTunes.

Ayolla on iTunes

Because does not have SDK like PayPal, we had to create a server API component in order for clients to derive the greatest benefit from this service. The information entered on iOS application is sent to server, and server takes care of all transaction processing with; returning the confirmation code & validation.

There is another app that sells "Mini Photo Album" where we used payment processing, however, due to NDA we're unable to give you the URL of the app, although the app is live on App Store.

If PayPal or won’t work for you, we can also design your payment gateway integration using WePay, BillDesk, PayWay, Stripe, Braintree, Square, Dwolla or any other credit card processing API.

You can also request an obligation free quote with cost and time estimated.


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