Passbook in iOS 6 Acts As A Shrewd Digital Wallet

digital wallet

Passbook is one of the most dynamic and intriguing feature of latest version of iOS 6 by Apple. It houses your boarding pass, movie ticket, discount coupon, retail voucher and many more to give you easiness, comfort, and organization. You just have to scan your Apple’s device to check in for a flight. It also alerts you when your coupons or vouchers are about to expire and reminds you use them in time.

Passbook in latest Apple devices gives direct and quick access to electronic versions of all your wallet items such as tickets, boarding passes, coupons, merchant cards, grocery store cards, frequent flyer cards, loyalty cards, and so on. Now you can shed off extra pounds from your heavy weight wallet with the help of new, revolutionary, and innovative feature of passbook. Moreover, you do not need to ensure the presence of library and gym membership cards in your wallet before going to library and gym. You must forget to carry them and look relaxed instead of a mistake because you are pretty sure that your iPhone supports a digital wallet in the form of passbook and makes it certain that you carry all your personal and professional items all the time with high confidence and tight security in your Apple device. I can say with confidence that digital passbook in iOS 6 have got worldwide recognition and appreciation for its usability, accessibility and reliability.

Passbook feature can amaze you easily when it will notify you about flight delays and gate changes. It will take away your breath when you get an alert on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while standing near a movie theater showing that you have purchased a ticket in past and when it will be expired.

Passbook is integrated with lock screen therefore, passes show up on the lock screen and give you new dimensions of business. Multiple passes are grouped together and saves user’s time of hunting in the wallet for a specific card.

Location support is also integrated into passbook feature of iOS 6. It is fantastic because passbook application pulls up the relevant card automatically when you are present near the place where you have used it once. Moreover, live-updating quality of passbook in iOS 6 will definitely, impress you and motivate you get its relevant applications for personal and professional uses. Indeed, passbook is an intelligent digital wallet that can save you from financial lose and enhance your business profit.

Improved ewallet passbook in iOS 6 gives an ocean of opportunities to iOS 6 programmers who can assert themselves through their impressive work. They may also know their potential through the development of ecommerce solutions. Space-O technologies is one step ahead in this case because its iOS 6 developers are really brilliant and innovative. They remain always busy in creating unique and easy operating applications and passbook’s APIs for their valuable customers. Therefore, all the clients of Space-O technologies are permanent customers who always stick to it.


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