How Successful Is App development for Apple WatchOS 2 & tvOS with Parse’s SDKs?

Parse-watchOS-tvOSDo you know Facebook’s Parse development framework added two new SDK Apple WatchOS 2 & tvOS?

It’s a good news for iOS developers, as with Facebook’s Parse development framework, developers can build apps for Apple tvOS and native watch applications for WatchOS 2.

The Parse SDKs for Apple’s tvOS and watchOS 2 places the power in developers’ hands for the Apple TV and Apple Watch to make native app development easier for these two devices. Some key milestones announced by Parse are:

  • An average of 2 billion API calls/per day served by Parse.
  • Parse apps send over 27 billion push notifications every month.
  • Over 600,000 developers have developed apps with Parse.
  • More than 800 million user-app pairs for apps developed on Parse.

Nikita Lutsenko, Parse mobile engineer admitted in the blog that the team had faced some problems like dealing with local data storage situation on Apple TV, and detaching from the smartphone on Apple Watch. Lutsenko also explained about tvOS,

“Another core difference of tvOS is the user input experience. Since there is no hardware keyboard or big touchscreen, the inputting text feels challenging and less immersive. To counter this problem, we updated our Facebook integration library to give you the ability to login to tvOS apps using the recently announced Facebook tvOS SDK, by using just a few lines of code.”

The main aim of building new Parse SDKs for Apple’s tvOS and watchOS 2

The main goal was to build native experiences for tvOS and watchOS 2. These SDKs can be used by any iOS developers, who are using existing iOS or OS X SDKs.

Parse is the cloud app platform (backend) for apps, if you want to build apps for iOS, Android, JavaScript, and OS X through this cloud platform.

Problems with tvOS & how to tackle it!

Local data storage’ is one of the biggest challenges that usually developers are faced with tvOS. We are treating on-device storage as persistent in mobile SDKs that simply means it won’t be purged by the system. The local storage was used for current users’ sessions and current app installation information.

Apart from, another core difference of tvOS is the input experience, as there is no hardware keyboard or touchscreen, it becomes difficult or challenging. In order to solve this problem, Facebook integration library is used to provide an ability to login to tvOS apps by using Facebook tvOS SDK, which is a few lines of codes.

Bringing Amazing Experience to watchOS 2

In the initial months of 2015, support for watchOS 1 and App Extensions released that allows to develop an application that could have an extension running on Apple Watch. Having this latest native SDK for watchOS 2, we deliver an amazing experience of the Parse SDK, so iOS watchOS developers can build applications that solely run on the Watch.

Parse team is excited to bring more SDK to more platforms and they want to see how developers can utilize it to build for Apple tvOS apps and Apple WatchOS apps. No doubt, this is a big opportunity for Apple developers to play with Parse’s SDK and create some unique and innovative under the bonnet.


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