Overview of the Automotive Mobile App Development Market


Mobile apps have greatly influenced our lives changing the way we do everything from traveling to trade, networking to navigation, entertainment to education and beyond. But here in this write up, we are going to overview the scope of mobile apps specifically in automotive industry.

Automotive mobile app development is luring both, companies (car manufacturers & car dealers) as well as consumers who are gearing to adopt and apply the mobile technology to better the driving experience. Here are a few statistics on that.

Beyond statistics when we take an account of automotive mobile apps we get to see some “Basic” apps

Automotive mobile app development

[A] Offered by the car manufacturers

  1. which focus on entertainment offering videos (e.g. BMW TV) and music streaming (e.g. Audi Music Stream);
  2. which serve the
    • Clients – who can choose to customize (personalize) the interior and / or exterior of their cars by picking the color, wheels, interior leather, decorations, etc. (e.g. Rolls-Royce Ghost)
    • Media – that can quickly access about the information about the auto brand and spread the news about the launch of new products (cars) or any such announcement made by the company. (e.g. AudiMedia, ŠKODA Media Services)

[B] Launched by the car dealers

  1. to better their service by equipping employees with such an app that will provide real time information of inventory, discounts, special offers, etc. (e.g. Glockner)

Now it is apparent that the automotive mobile app development is yet in its infancy for creating a seamless interface between the driver and technology through more audible mobile apps which can operate through voice commands to reduce driver distraction from the use of hand-held mobile devices while driving. Despite, consumers show a great interest in automotive mobile apps. For example, MyFord Mobile has more than 1,000 installs.

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