How Different Industries Leveraging The Idea of Outsourcing App Development To Increase Sales


In this competitive business era, almost all industries are struggling to get ahead of their rivals. Recent technologies have assisted many app startups and businesses to make their services more efficient and flexible with outsource app development.

Nowadays, mobile apps have become the latest business trend adopted by different industries in order to expand business and reach global audience. In fact, in order to gain benefits such as building relationships, enhance brand awareness, increase accessibility, boost sales, strengthen brand, and much more, many Entrepreneurs from different industries have started hiring top mobile app development companies to strengthen their core business and increase growth.

Moreover, based on a survey by RED HAT mobile maturity, 90% of organizations had increased their investments in mobile app in 2016. Wherein, the Gartner Survey says that the demand for mobile app will increase 5 times more than the capacity of internal IT organizations to deliver it.

From social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to on demand services apps like Uber, Washio, Postmates are gaining benefits using mobile application to connect with their global audience with an aim to increase their sales.

Education Industry

In the age of e-learning, education app enhances the interests of students in learning difficult subjects easily and quickly. In fact, every millennial seek to learn new things or acquire new skills to become an expert in their favorite subjects.

Similar to Uber, Entrepreneurs have established Uber for tutors app startups to disrupt the education industry. With the idea of Uber for tutors, not only Entrepreneur can attract huge audience, but students and professors can also benefit from on demand app for education to learn new subject and earn extra bucks.

Moreover, you can learn more from our article about creating Uber for tutors app to disrupt the education marketplace.

Transportation Industry

With mobile app, transportation industry can benefit in improving customer services, workforce management, delivery tracking, vehicle monitoring, assign routes, distribute tasks, and more to get things done in a more efficient way.

Mainly, the trucking industry can save lower the expenses by minimizing trucks with empty containers moving around. Additionally, mobile app for transportation business can directly connect customers with truckers to work together efficiently.

The customers can directly book a truck for their transportation along with an option to find nearest available truck, send destination location, delivery information to get job done.

If you’d like to know more, you can check our article why Uber for trucks is the perfect on demand marketplace for startups.

Retail Industry

Ever since the Amazon announced their new grocery store Amazon Go, retailers have started investing in latest technologies to pivot to a new business model. Many brick-and-mortar retailers are developing their own mobile applications for their loyal customers to get products delivered at their door step.

Moreover, mobile app for retail products can help to connect to a larger audience and increase the sales by selling products through a mobile apps. Additionally, a mobile app for a retail business can contribute towards increasing brand awareness.

Food Industry

As mobile apps are making people’s life simpler, the owners of food industries have started adapting the mobile app technology for booming their businesses. A well-designed app for your food business will not only help you increase customer base, but it’ll ultimately increase your revenue as well.

By developing a mobile app for your restaurant, you can easily share your menu with customers and allow them to order directly from your food delivery app. In fact, ever since smartphones have been introduced, people often prefer to get their food to their place, instead of going to a restaurant for their daily meal.

So, if you own a restaurant or in food business, read our article on successful business models for food delivery startups to get more information about food delivery app development.


We’ve discussed only few industries here, but today almost all industries are adopting the idea of outsourcing mobile app development based on their requirements. Similarly, if you’ve an app idea for your business to reach more audience and increase sales, you should definitely consult with a top mobile app development company to briefly discuss your idea.

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