How to Outsource Web Development Project [Complete Guide]

Do you know why companies outsource web development projects?

Do you want to know the reason?

What are the advantages of outsourcing a project?

  • As an entrepreneur, you will save web development costs by directly outsourcing a team on a per-project basis.
  • The outsourcing company will manage the entire resource management, making you worry-free from hiring candidates and project management.
  • The project manager ensures faster project execution in less time and bridges the gap between developers and the clients by maintaining transparent communication.

The entire outsourcing market is approx 92.5% billion US dollars. If you haven’t started adopting the outsourcing way, this is the time.

outsourcing market Statistics

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By following this guide, you will

  • Understand clearly what questions to ask while outsourcing web development
  • Understand the complete process of outsourcing a web development project
  • Get the information about the advantages and limitations of hiring an outsourcing company

Important Questions To Ask Prior To Outsourcing Web Development

Questions To Ask Prior To Outsourcing Web Development

Undoubtedly, selecting an ideal web development company is a challenging task. There are many parameters to look for prior to finalizing the project with the company.

To help you search for the right outsourcing company, we have curated important questions. Ask these questions before you hire any web development agency.

  1. Which Technologies Are You Specialized In?

  2. This question is crucial to ask as soon as you finalize the web development company. Reason? It is possible that the company may or may not be proficient to work in a technology you want them to. Therefore, always cross-verify by asking the in what technology they have expertise in and whether they have experienced team to handle the project perfectly.

  3. Do You Have a Similar Portfolio of the Types of Development Services You Provide?

  4. If the company works on similar technologies, the second question you should ask is whether they have developed any web-based solutions with that technology. You should always check the web solutions the company has developed for the clients, also ask them to share the web solution similar to your industry and make a decision.

  5. How Do You Estimate the Time and Cost of the Project?

  6. Every company adheres to a different timeline and costs. It is essential to be clear from the start about how much time and cost you may expect for your project. If possible, ask the company to share the timeline and cost in a document so that you can use that document for future reference as well.

  7. Do You Authorize the Access of the Files During the Web Development Stage?

  8. After confirming the project with any outsourcing company, what if they deny you to share access to your project files? To avoid this situation, it is always wise to ask the company about its policies and ensure that you have access to your project codes to avoid any misuse or miscommunication later on.

  9. Do You Have NDA Signing Policy?

  10. NDA (non-disclosure agreement) ensures that both parties, you and the company don’t disclose certain information for a specific period of time. NDA includes information like company sales figures, customer insights, revenue generation. You may decide to collaborate with the company only after signing the NDA.

  11. How Much Does It Cost To Outsource Web Development?

  12. It is challenging to price a web project accurately, especially when you plan to outsource web development services. There are multiple parameters to look for to calculate website development prices accurately.

    Use these five parameters to get the approx web development cost idea.

    • By defining the clear feature and functionality of the website will help you to understand the exact cost of web development prior to outsourcing the project.
    • As the web development complexity increases, so does the price. Therefore, it is essential to understand the web complexity and expect your development cost accordingly.
    • If your web development project size increases, you would require more resources to complete tasks at the earliest. Therefore, you need to consider this factor as well.
    • Will your project continue for 3 months or 3 years? You should have that estimation in mind prior to outsourcing your project.
    • Are you looking to hire a company on per project cost or per hour cost? Even the experienced developers charge more. Hence, hourly rates also play a vital role.

    The below table illustrates the country-wise total cost to outsource web development.

    ContinentsNorth AmericaEastern EuropeAsia
    Hourly rate$100 – $150$35 to $70$30 to $50

How To Outsource Web Development Step By Step

How To Outsource Web Development

Rather than a necessity, outsourcing a web development company has become a trend nowadays. Even the businesses and Fortune 500 have realized the advantages (cost and time saving, resource management) of web development outsourcing teams.

Let’s start with step one, defining a goal for your project.

  1. Define Your Web Development Goals

  2. How to define a goal?

    How to define a goal for your project?

    To define your web development goals, it is crucial to ask the questions. But, what questions to ask matters as well. Use these questions to define a goal for your web development project.

    • Who is your target audience for the new website?
    • What do you want to achieve by developing your project?
    • What sets you apart from your competitor?
    • How will your web app help to generate revenue for your business?

    These basic questions are essential to ask yourself while initiating the first phase of web development. Also, share your expectations with the web developer prior to assigning a project to web development outsourcing companies.

  3. Have a Budget In Mind

  4. You have defined your web development goal, but your plan will go in vain without planning your web development cost. To plan your budget, you need to take the following things into consideration.

    • The complexity of the project
    • Features and functionality required for your web project
    • Total team members in your project

    The below table includes services and their cost to launch your web project smoothly.

    Domain Name$10 – $20/yr
    Web Hosting$40 – $200/yr
    Web Design Cost$1000 – $25000
    Web Development Cost$5000 – $1,00,000
    Web MaintenanceDepends upon the timeline

    Please keep in mind that the budget you will plan and the actual cost from the website development outsourcing company may vary. The entire cost can depend on the project complexity, features, and functionalities of your web development project.

    Want to Know the Exact Web Development Cost?

    Our team of developers will consult you and help you to estimate the exact web development cost.

  5. Search for the Web Developers/Web Agency

  6. After defining the right budget, it is time to search for overseas web developers or for outsourcing web development agencies. There are a number of platforms that will help you in your web development project.

    Space-O TechnologiesHire reputed web app development company with over 10 years of experience in serving clients across the globe
    UpworkCollaborate with a company and freelancers and explain to them your project requirements.
    ClutchClutch will help you to make decisions about which company will be suitable for you by displaying the reviews, ratings, and the company’s core services.
    BehanceHire a creative team of web designers and photographers and make your project a new masterpiece.

    Ashton Asherian, one of our clients from the USA wanted to develop an MVP version of the mobile application. Being impressed by our project management and communication, he finalized the project with us. You may check the testimonial of our client.

    ashton asherian

  7. Connect and Interview the Web Developers

  8. Once you use the above platforms and connect with developers, what should be your next step? Asking questions about the developer’s skillset and projects they have worked on, and technical proficiency will help you whether to select them for your project or not. Also, the questions you ask should cover both front-end, back-end, database, and soft skills as well. The web developer should also know web development trends to easily understand the client’s requirements and work on different technologies without issue.

    Even analyzing the developer’s profile on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and People Per Hour will help you to know about the candidate’s exact skill set and overall success ratio of project competition. There are different methods of taking interviews.

    • Phone interviews
    • Zoom call interviews
    • Live chat interviews

    You can apply any of the above interview-taking models and find the right web developer.

  9. Select the Right Developer And Initiate Web Development

  10. To determine the success of your web project, it is essential to find the right developer. How will you determine whether the developer you are about to hire is suitable for the project or not? Don’t worry, we have listed 3 tips to help you to perform the right selection process.

    5.1. Hire a CTO or Partner-up with Technical Person

    As quoted by the CEO of LiveIntent, “You need a technical person who is mature enough and has produced enough technology to understand that it is not simple.”

    It is essential to partner up with a technical person or hire a CTO with the relevant knowledge and experience. By hiring the right developer, you are getting one step closer to your project success.

    5.2. Assign a Basic Task

    Most probably the developer you will hire may not be directly reachable to you via phone. To test a developer’s skills, start by assigning them a small task with the exact timeline. Then, check whether they are able to deliver it and understand the timeline or not.

    Communicate with developers and understand whether they are getting any challenges regarding the tasks or handling the job.

    5.3. Stay Connected with Development Community

    Being an entrepreneur, it is essential for you to be connected with the developer community as well. Since there is a chance, you may find skillful developers for your project or interview the developer who is seeking a job change.

  11. Give Feedback During The Web Development Process

  12. Your job doesn’t end after just hiring the right developers. You need to explain your ideas to a company. After the completion of each milestone, you need to check if it matches your expectations, and give feedback where required.

    Until the entire development phase is complete, you must be with the team and check all the work they have performed. If you find any issues, you need to guide the team accordingly.

  13. Launch Final Web Project

  14. After the testing phase is over, it is time to launch the final version of the web project. Here are the things to note before launching the web project.

    • Check for the smallest error, make sure it is properly checked by the QA team
    • Usability of the website is essential prior to launching
    • Confirm website navigation is working fine
    • Mobile-friendliness and SSL integration is a must
    • SSL integration and SEO friendliness of the website
    • Get it tested from the limited users first and try to get the feedback that you can implement on the final web solution

    Applying these basic factors will help you to launch your web application efficiently.

Planning to Develop Your Web-based Project?

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What are the Advantages and Limitations of Outsourcing Web Development Projects?

Many top web development companies still believe that it is advantageous to hire an in-house developer or hire a single developer. What is the reason behind that? It is obvious that in-house developers are easily manageable, compared to remote developers. However, it also comes with certain limitations. Similarly, hiring an outsourcing web development company also comes with certain advantages and limitations which we have discussed below.

Rather than hiring an in-house team, you can outsource software development and save a significant amount of cost by reducing the risk of hiring a web outsourcing team, and renting out infrastructure.Communicating remotely might become challenging at times. The reason is not using proper communication platforms, and communicating within the limited frame, different time zones.
You can scale and descale your development team depending upon your project requirements.Building a web development team having relevant industry expertise or experience is a challenging and time-consuming task on its own.
You will get the opportunity to hire skilled developers across the globe. For example, you will have more options to hire developers depending upon your location and the company you select.Some companies don’t adhere to the NDA terms. Even, share app ideas in public. Therefore, sign an NDA with a company only after reading it properly
You will reduce the risk of project failure by only hiring experienced and skilled developers who will ensure timely delivery.

Above, we have discussed the detailed procedure to outsource web development projects. In the next section, we will discuss the most asked questions related to outsourcing web development.

FAQ About Outsourcing Web Development Services

Where can I find web developers?

There are multiple ways to search for experienced web developers. Use these platforms to hire experienced web developers.

  • Space-O Technologies – 10+ years of experience in building powerful web-based projects across the globe
  • Upwork – Well known platform to hire freelancers and web development companies
  • Fiverr – Hire an international community of developers on the go
  • Toptal – Find the vetted developers of different skills and experience

What is the chance of a web app being safe If a client outsources web development to a company?

The web app will be completely safe under NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Prior to sharing an app idea with an outsourcing company, sign an NDA which contains information about the web app ideas. All the sensitive data about business information is confidential with the company. Know more about NDA-related information here.

What are the different hiring models followed by web development agencies?

Web development agencies follow different hiring models depending upon the project. Choose the right hiring models according to budget. Here are 4 types of different hiring models to check.

A) Per Project Model

In the per-project model, the project requirements will be fixed, and depending upon those requirements the cost and timeline get decided.

B) Per Hour Model

The developers will work on an ongoing project, or the project which requires changes/modifications will be included in the per-hour model.

C) Dedicated Team Model

Directly hire an entire team of developers, and the team will handle day-to-day project operations. Hence, you are worry-free about handling the team of web developers.

D) On-site Team Model
Hire a team of developers to work under the guidance and follow instructions depending upon project requirements.

Ready to Outsource Your Web Development Project?

In conclusion, outsourcing web development projects bring significant advantages from saving costs to using the best resources who have the knowledge of the latest technologies. Moreover, you have learned what questions to ask before outsourcing your website development process, how to outsource web development projects and the advantages and limitations of hiring an outsourcing company.

Here are the examples of 2 businesses that have outsourced their web development projects to us.

If you are searching for a custom web development company, feel free to consult us. Get your free consultation.

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