Should You Hire In-House Developer or Outsource App Development Work to Space-O?

If you’re not on the mobile, You don’t exist!

This phrase can be applied on startups these days.

It’s because the digital technologies have totally changed how we work, ride around, and buy. Moreover, we can’t imagine our daily life without various mobile apps, and it’s most likely that we’re not going to stop using them in future.

The new ‘mobile’ tendency in consumer behaviour makes Entrepreneurs adapt their businesses in order to catch and hold their customers. And, in most cases, success of a business depends on how we use technological opportunities to build a bridge to an audience.

Point is, if your business is not on mobile platform, you’re losing the major part of your market. In fact, to actively engage customers, majority of businesses are getting more dependent on mobile platforms.

Today, mobile applications are not solely for big brands such as Amazon, Walmart, or Bank of America, lots of midsize businesses as well startups, be it just a coffee shop or gift shop, are getting their own dedicated mobile app rather than running just a brick-and-mortar business.

Now, if you’re still thinking what impact do app development can have on your business? The answer is simple.

First of all, dedicated mobile app for your business can take your brand to the next level, increase sales as well as online presence. Customers in turn are also happy to use quick services rather than depending on third party. So, from this, it’s no wonder that custom mobile app development will be an essential platform for businesses in nearest future.

Moreover, according to a report by Statistica, it has been forecasted that consumers have paid over $50 billion at the end of 2016. And, the amount is further expected to increase twice.


Now, creating an interacting mobile app is indeed challenging, in fact it’s more painful when you’ve no idea about the app industry trends, UI and UX components, visual conceptualization, etc. But, outsourcing app development from Space-O Technologies is an easy way to cut through such typical pains involved in the app development process. Here is what you get when you outsource app development from Space-O:

Free Expert Consultation Limited or No No Yes
NDA Yes Yes Yes
Project Success Ratio Depends 90-100% 99% on Upwork
Project Failure Risk High 70-100% Very Low
Expert Suggesstions No No Yes
Domain Expertise Limited Broad Broad
Pricing Hourly or Fixed Price Fixed Price Dedicated, Hourly,
Fixed Price, On-site
Central Point of Contact No Yes Yes
Communication Depends Good Expert Customer
Escalation Policy No Yes Yes
Coding Standards Depends 100% reusable 100% reusable
Mobile App Testing No Yes Yes
Maintenance & Support Depends Yes 90 days free support
Liability & Commitment Uncertain 100% 100%

On the other hand, even if you hire an in-house team for full time, it will surely cost you a fortune as you may or may not get the same level of expertise and experience that you’re willing to get within your desired time and budget.

Given Below are some major perks of Hiring Space-O Technologies for your Mobile app development project.

Industry Experts

By hiring Space-O Technologies, you’ll get assistance of highly-skilled developers. These developers are proficient in building exceptional mobile apps in possibly every major platform, be it Android, iOS, or Wearable.

Quality of the App

Space-O has the experience of working with projects on almost every industry such as Healthcare, Education, On demand services app, Travel, Lifestyle, you name it. We’ve built it! In fact, 9 out of 200 top App Store apps in Photos Videos category are developed by us.

Moreover, Space-O is efficient in handling latest technologies & tools, and implementing the best practices in app development process to achieve high business growth.

Cost Effective

Outsourcing your app project from Space-O won’t just solve the development problems, but you’ll have the complete access to the entire team of experts, ensuring personalized communication and total transparency.

In addition to this, outsourcing your project instead of hiring in-house dedicated developer will give lot of freedom. For instance, if you hire team of expert developers for a particular task and pay them on the basis of hours, rather than full-time employee on payroll.

Accurate Testing

Programmers from Space-O help in developing mobile apps that are thoroughly tested across all platforms. Moreover, testing is an essential part to minimize the risks of distributing unimpressive app in front of your prospects.

Focus More On The Core Business

As a startup, you’ll need a lot of time to focus on strengthening the core business strategies rather than wasting time elsewhere. And, outsourcing your app project certainly carries strong appeal as it gives time to plan a long-term companies revenue strategy instead of getting lost in understanding the coding work.

All in all, if you think outsourcing you app development project is the right thing for your startup, let us know how we can contribute in your business success.


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