Apple Watch Event Recap – An Opportunity for Apple Watch App Development


The much anticipated “killer app‘ from the Apple, raised their curtain on March 9th with their Wearable Apple WatchKit app, that provides a complete toolkit, along with thinnest MacBook, that has long lasting battery life.

The wearable computing technology, that is creating a large and disruptive impact on the technology market, is the fastest growing segment in the global computing markets, the next big thing that will rock the technology industry and will significantly influence the Internet of Things (IOT) and an easy user interaction with the world. With Apple, releasing their new wearable Apple Watch, has come up with the health care kit. This clearly showcase that a wearable technology offers tremendous applications in the field of healthcare and medical, infotainment, fitness and wellness technologies, that are driving the market now.

The wearable apps industry is creating new buzz in Business Opportunities:

Research reveals that the market of the global wearable technology & electronics is estimated to par $11.61 billion by the end of 2020 with Nike, Adidas AG, Google, Fitbit Inc, Jawbone, Weartech, being some of the major players in wearable-electronics & technologies.

Along with rising the consumer experience and making businesses more efficient, wearable technology, is spurring new business opportunities, boosting the wearable technology app marketplace, that offers a boon for an independent developers, with an opportunity to generate revenue for app developers in the wearable technology market.

The inflow of wearable devices like Apple Watch Kit along with health kits, Google Glass and smart watches open new opportunities for business, with an enhanced data collection that gives insight about the user interaction. With wearable gadgets, along with marketers, the benefit of wearable devices is seen with the enterprises, who will need to develop an app for new systems. With smart clothing and accessories already expanding business opportunities, possibilities of multi-billion dollar industry will arise.

Time to invade the bite-size chunk information about new Apple releases:

The new Apple watch connects the apps in three different modes.

Standard WatchKit App:

apple watchkit app

Having its own user interface and features on the Apple Watch home screen, it allows users to view and interact with their data, manipulate the data optionally and view a subset of the data. The Watch Kit comes only with a storyboard and resource files that are associated with the app’s user interface. Having the code for managing content, responding to user interaction, it coordinates with your iOS app to perform more refined tasks.

Watch Glances Screen/ Interface:

With number of tasks in the busy world, it has become essential to put on the reminder and keep glancing at it, Apple with its new Watch Glance interface, has made it easy for user to quickly glance on their Watch screen or by just tapping a glance from their WatchKit app, and go through short snippets of information, like sports or entertainment news that wearers can easily swipe through.

Create Actionable Notifications App:

Apple Watch has paired with iPhone to provide automatic support for actionable notifications introduced in iOS 8. This lets the user to simply let someone read and respond to a message or has been programmed to allow more complicated actions like someone could turn their house lights off from their wrist once they leave home, or with an actionable notification interface button they can accept or reject any meeting invitation. With Apple Watch you can easily & automatically add appropriate buttons to the notification interfaces on Apple Watch.

Apple’s Research Kit – A tool for Medical Research

Apple Researchkit

With the open source framework, the Five Research Kit, that will help researchers and medical practitioners to gather and manage Patient’s medical data, for this they can take advantage of iPhone features to gather new types of data. It is designed to let medical researchers create iPhone apps for their medical studies and in recruiting patients. The Kit has 5 apps that include apps for breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Parkinson’s diseases, and asthma.

Call a taxi or use Instagram.

No more hassles to call a taxi with Apple Watch you can request a car directly, on its arrival you will instantly get notification including the picture of the car. Also, you can view the full experience of browsing the feed on your wrist and glance the information or browse the pictures, comment and likes with easy & quick Instagram.



Apart from the above, Apple came out with CarPlay with 40 new models with every major manufacturer onboard, this will transform the way we interact with our cars, having Apple and Google with it’s Android Auto platform.

Apple also cares for TV

It looks like Apple has not left any stone untouched, with Apple cares for TV platform, has slashed the price to £59 (from £79), also it’s content deal with HBO will see streaming product launch exclusively on Apple TV.

Are you ready to embrace the Wearable Tech?

With Apple making it big opening in Wearable WatchKit, we no longer have to wake up with our smartphones and open an app, wearable makes it easy to get connected all the time. If you are thinking of developing apps for Apple Watch, get in touch with us, as plenty of wearable tech pieces are already making it big businesses, so grab your chance to remain in the competitive future to set the next wave of Wearable technologies and set the business of your app with the strap on their sleeves.


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