Why Remote Internship?

A virtual internship is the advantage you get from the Internet dominated era. Without visiting the workplace, you get to avail hands-on experience of the segment you want to get expertise in. With the project coordination and online chat tools available, it has become easy for the mentor and the protégé to communicate virtually, and complete the assigned tasks with ease.

The tasks are listed out through tools such as Trello, which helps keep the intern on the same page as the team. Email correspondence, skype calls and other such tools help in communication and collaboration. This not only gives the ability to work for any company but also helps the intern with establishing experience.

At Space-O, we are offering remote internship to candidates in different segments of business and technology. Here we have listed out the numerous benefits of going for remote internship with us.


Hands-on experience

With an internship, you will be able to apply what you have learnt in academics. With virtual internship, you can work on multiple projects simultaneously, and gain the necessary experience.



You can easily improve self-learning capabilities, and enhance your horizon, as you have limited supervision, and more to gain with the internship. You can set your priorities and actually work on the tasks with more control.

Broadened Network

Broadened Network

With this internship, you can actually work anywhere in the world with any company. You don’t need to limit to the companies in your vicinity.

At Space-O, we are offering the remote internship for the following reasons

Good number of applicants: We would love to hire people from our virtual internship onto our regular team. We could possibly find our developer or marketer with this program.
Experience before work: It would be great to train the candidates before inviting them to the team. This way they gain an experience, and we get an insight into the candidate.


(01) How to register for this program?

Please complete this form to register for this Internship program.

(02) What is the last date to register for this Internship program?

The last date to register for this program is: 1 Jan-2018(approx)

(03) Will I get any accommodation?

No. This is a remote internship where you have to work from home.

(04) Will I get any stipend for this remote internship?

Yes, you’ll get the stipend of amount $200/month

(05) What will be the time period of this Internship?

The internship period will be of 3 months

(06) Who can apply for this remote internship?

Undergraduate students(who is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America and Canada) in the field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering.

(07) On which project do I need to work?

The small project of app development(or anything related to development)will be assigned to the students with proper guidelines on how to do it.

(08) How many hours do I need to work?

Be flexible. The registered student has to work 10 hours/week. That’s it. You can select your own convenience of timing.

(09) What will be the selection process?

Selection for this Internship program will be based on Skype interview. Once you register, you’ll get an email where you’ll be given time and date for the Skype interview. Our technical team won’t take more than 15 mins for the interview.

(10) Who will assist me for the technical questions?

Per week, we will assign specific hours when you can contact our technical team for any technical issues.

(11) Can I get the job in your company once I complete the Internship?

Once you complete this Internship program successfully, we will set one interview for you. Our technical team will conduct it. And, if they think you fit best in our organization, they will forward your profile to the HR team for the further process.

How to Apply?

It’s simple. If you’re interested in this virtual internship program, send us your resume. We will shortlist the resume. And if your resume suits to our internship program, we will directly contact you via email address. Please send your resume to spaceotech@gmail.com

About Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies is a mobile application development company based in India. We are entering our seventh year of successfully working with a number of different industries to solve real-life problems by using mobile applications. To date we have developed over 2,000 successful APPS. Among our many successful projects are the GLOVO, FLICKBAY, and FT CASH APPS. Each of these (and others) have received millions in funding.

Space-O Technologies is committed to online integrity and excellence.

6+ years of experience

200+ Experts of technology

2000 apps delivered to clients

20M+ app downloads

Terms and conditions of the Online Remote Internship Program

(01)All applicants agree to allow Space-O Technologies to verify specific information (Name, Student ID number, Institution, Course of study).

(02)The selected students will get the fixed stipend of $200/month.

(03)The technical team at Space-O Technologies will select the Remote Internship recipients based on their resume and Telephonic/Skype interview.

(04)Time period of this internship program is 3 months.

(05) Applicants will be automatically disqualified for falsified information, plagiarism, copyright infringements, etc.

(06) Space-O Technologies reserves the right to change the rules and regulations for the online remote internship program at any time with the exception of the dollar amount of the stipend.

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