Want to Develop Online Learning App? Check These 3 Powerful Strategies by Coursera App (Valued $1Billion)


Planning to develop an online learning app like Coursera that recently secured $103M funding? Herein we have mentioned 3 successful strategies of Coursera app (valued $1 Billion) to consider before developing your own learning app.

“Learning apps are the next emerging Hogwarts for Millennials”

If you closely understand online study app genre, you will immediately relate to the Hogwarts school of magic from the well-known Harry Potter series. The school had a different teaching style and a varied number of instructors to engage students in the learning experience.

In this ever changing fast world, millennials are obsessed with technological trends. Everything is now available at a seamless touch and so is the digital learning genre.  Online Learning has become the hottest trendsetter in the tech-savvy wave of mobile app development. The first ones to influence this sphere and comes to mind are Coursera and Udemy learning apps.

Recently, Coursera, online learning startup, has secured a funding of $103M and now is valued at $1B- a Series E led by a strategic investor, the Australian online recruitment and course directory provider SEEK Group, with participation from Future Fund and NEA, according to TechCrunch.

Before deep-diving into the strategies of Coursera app, let’s take a look at some insane numerical statistics that made this online study app popular among the mass.

The term “eLearning” has become popular by Coursera learning app. It has opened new doors to University learning to the mass. It is a free and paid courses online learning platform which provides a user with:

  • Short courses
  • Skills certification
  • Complete degree in partnership with Universities and Businesses

According to TechCrunch, Coursera has access to 3200 courses and 310 specializations. Some 40 million people taking online classes through the learning app – it is able to generate an insane valuation of “over $1 Billion” which had been $800 million in 2018.

Now, after knowing some basics information about this learning app, let’s look at the strategies of Coursera learning app that has embraced for its success.

3 Strategies That Played Major Role in the  Success of Coursera Learning App

1. Collaborating With Top Universities

Coursera app firstly provided courses for free. But as the on-demand tutor app got more response with an increase in online students and teachers, the online study app decided to go for some minimal paid amount for certain courses.

The online study app started approaching universities and experienced instructors for collaboration. In its early days, the learning app had a massive user following which made collabs actually possible. And thus they pitched to provide them with skilled students.


Learning apps have genuine users and thus have a low retention rate. Traditional learning channels were not able to meet the demand for the skill set from both the ends. Most importantly the economic challenges posed higher education for a large mass.  

Coursera learning app for students came up with an easy solution to collaboration. It saw a significant jump of 26 million when it last raised the money in 2017 (a $64 million Series D) as stated by TechCrunch. It got a good business by this collaborating tactic. Students and universities got profound skills on this platform with each other.

If you are thinking to develop a learning app like Coursera, collaborations with top and well-known universities will definitely make a huge success. Your app must consist of a balance when it comes to providing courses, instructors, students, and universities. 

2. Download Content For Offline Learning

The most promising strategy of Coursera learning app is “downloading offline.” As the old saying goes, “Learning has no age.” There is no age limit to download and learn through an education app. Coursera courses are curated extensively keeping in mind almost every individual’s area of interest.

In this learning app, offline content reading is possible. The students can refer to the content in an offline connection. The lecture videos are also available to watch offline.


Such offline viewing in a learning/tutoring app is a great advantage for users on the learning platform. To understand this more clearly let me take a very common example. If a person is working and wants to pursue an online course, he will tend to convince himself of seeing the offline feature. He can definitely manage to learn after office hours and add a new skill to his resume. Thus it is the most powerful strategy for any education app for students. You should also consider while developing a learning app of your own.

3. Learn From Top Instructors

Coursera works with universities and has recently started with companies to build online degrees. And it steers a course that offers a range of learning alternative as diverse as the mass market. It’s hoping to continue targeting.

To achieve this goal, it is highly careful in selecting top instructors who can provide an engaging learning experience. The learning app needed an efficient guiding source in the form of profound instructor similar to Dumbledore. It manages short courses, master to bachelor degree courses on the app.


Coursera is still looking to expand its app and maintain market repo. It is looking for more instructors who can be a part of the app. Try to develop a learning app whose core essence is the instructors on it. The users will automatically get attracted to your educational app when you have authentic and trusted names associated with it.

Wrapping Up

“E-Learning” has brought a next level change in learning perceptions. Today, users are highly influenced by apps like Coursera and Udemy. Some serious efforts have been made by these learning apps in providing knowledge accessibility for anyone, anywhere. There are many features, functionalities, and solution to consider in such education and learning app development.

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