Embrace These 3 Powerful Solutions from Go-Jek Before Developing One-Stop Solution App for On-demand Services


This blog is for online delivery companies and entrepreneur. Explore these 3 powerful solutions from the Uber’s biggest rival, Go-Jek, which you can consider during on-demand app development.

When it comes to the list of one of the hottest on-demand startups, then Uber and DiDi Chuxing are the two unicorn companies, which have been stealing the show. However, there is another of Uber’s rival and unicorn startup named Go-Jek, which is valued at over $1B. You might be familiar with this successful unicorn, Go-Jek, which is an Indonesia-based delivery and ride-sharing app. Moreover, Go-Jek has also secured its place in the list of the “Global Unicorn Club


Let’s know more about the one-stop solution app, Go-Jek, for on-demand services.

Go-Jek App

The Indonesian startup company, Go-Jek, has achieved the tag of the unicorn. This tech startup is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and it was founded in 2010. The first Indonesian unicorn company specializes in ride-hailing and logistics.


Image Source: go-jek

Now, this on-demand app allows its app users to book online transportation, instant food delivery, logistics, payment, and delivery services like medicine delivery, cleaning, ticket selling, and massage services.

  • Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, Go-Jek company is also included in “Fortune’s 50 Companies That Changed the World in 2017.” Moreover, it is also ranked at 17 along with Apple (3rd), Unilever (21st), and Microsoft (25th).
  • It also ranked in the “Top 10 Most Powerful Brands in Indonesia” and “Top 3 Most Powerful Transportation/Logistic Brands.”
  • According to the report from Crunchbase, ”On Oct 30th, 2018, Go-Jek has raised $1.2B in Corporate Round of funding.”
  • Go-Jek app provides the total of 20 on-demand services under one-platform.
  • The fastest growing company, Go-Jek, is recognized as the biggest Uber’s rival, so if we’re talking about the performance of the app, Go-Jek, then you can see the constant graph of the download rank in travel and local app category.


  • With the total funding amount of $3.3B, Go-Jek offers Go-Ride, Go-Food, Go-Mart, Go-Glam, Go-Massage, Go-Clean, Go-Auto, and Go-Tix. In short, it allows its app users to book a diverse range of on-demand services.
  • According to the latest news from TechCrunch, Go-Jek is extending its reach in Southeast Asia after its Thailand-based unit made its official launch, which included the addition of a new food delivery service. Moreover, the new report shares that this ride-hailing app has pulled in $100 million from conglomerate Astra, an existing investor, as part of the Series F round it is raising right now.
  • Coming across another news, online service app, Gojek, is expanding its business to the tourism sector. In collaboration with the Jakarta administration, Go-Jek has introduced a new feature dubbed Enjoy Jakarta, where the public can access the schedule of festivals and events in the capital city.

As an on-demand tech startup, if you are willing to create an app like Go-Jek, which embraces a number of on-demand services only in one platform, then you need to check out these powerful solutions from Go-Jek.

3 Powerful Solutions from Go-Jek to Consider Before Developing One-Stop Solution App for On-demand Services

1. Start With Small Region & Audience

Go-Jek, an on-demand app, is recognized as a mobile application, which serves a number of on-demand services on which they rely on in their daily lives. Well, one of the powerful solutions, which you can pick from Go-Jek is to start with the small audience. If we’re taking an example of Go-Jek, the company has started with a small audience and service. At first, this on-demand service app has started with the on-demand motorbike services.


Image Source: ricemedia

In practical terms, at first, Uber stick to offering to book taxi booking services through an on-demand cab booking app. On the other hand, Go-Jek has focused only on two-wheeled motorbike services. Furthermore, the important thing to notice is that you can also start with the small region.

All you need to start with the complete research of that particular region. It is highly recommended that doing complete market research where you are planning to start your business. In addition, Southeast Asia is recognized as one of the largest markets for ride-hailing services. Developing an app for on-demand motorbike services, it is important for startups to start with the small region and audience.

2. Simplified Things for People

The next important solution is to simplify things for your customers if you want to get succeed in your niche. But, the question is how can you do this for your audience? The simple solution is to extend your business in the same niche as what Go-Jek did. After offering on-demand ride-hailing services, the company has analyzed the pain points of the audience in a particular niche.


Image Source: go-jek

This ride-hailing company has gradually undergone other on-demand services, which are essentials in order to simplify their lives. The key takeaway is that you can offer a number of on-demand solutions, including babysitting, massage, on-demand beauty, and cleaning services. As a tech startup, if you are planning to create an app and offer on-demand platform, undeniably, you can embrace this solution to make the most out of the app for on-demand services.

3. Affordability & Variety in Services

Convenience is the core to provide your customers in order to achieve the milestone in your business. Along with the convenience, it is important to consider the two core things i.e. affordability and a variety of services, which you can’t afford to miss out while developing on-demand apps like Go-Jek. So, the next solution is all about to proffer on-demand services in terms of Uber clone app along with affordability and variety in services like on-demand solutions.


Well, this unicorn company has minutely researched the market and the pain points of its audience to provide a solution in terms of app.

Above all, if you want to keep your customers for a long time, then you need to provide solutions, which can make things easier, affordable for them. Furthermore, if your customers find these services affordable, then they would definitely come back.

Concluding Remarks

On-demand has become one of the hottest niches on which you can make most of your on-demand business. If you are willing to go with this industry, and having an idea on developing one-stop solution app for on-demand services or Go-Jek clone, then we are here to help you out to turn your idea into a fully-designed and developed product.

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Additionally, being a tech startup, if you are having queries like ―

  • Initially, should I need to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the app or not?
  • What is the cost of making an app for on-demand services?
  • How long does it to take to create one-stop solution app for on-demand services?
  • What are the necessary features of the app like Uber delivery service?

Then, you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of the representatives from our sales team will revert to you as soon as possible to turn your idea into a fully designed product. In fact, 99% of our projects have been completed on time, on budget and issue-free without using any on demand delivery app builder.

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