Disrupt Photo Printing Industry With On Demand Printing App Like Inkdot

On Demand Printing App Like Inkdot

Many interesting trends have been developed in the photo printing industry which clearly indicates an interest in doing more than just posting pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and other social Media networks. In fact, Facebook’s image upload totals surpassed 300 million per day a couple of years ago.

We all know that between cameras, camcorders, and smartphones, we’re taking billions of pictures every year. And, the photo printing industry revenue is forecasted to witness a passive growth over 2016-2026.

Nowadays, ordering digital photo prints directly from on demand printing app like Inkdot is becoming a widespread adoption right now. This, in fact, may boost the on demand printing in the market globally in the near future. Furthermore, the U.S. predicted to remain a key market for on demand photo printing, wherein Asia Pacific is expected to see a rapid growth as well.

How On Demand Printing Apps Like Inkdot Works?

Since digital printing industry is looking promising in upcoming years, Inkdot has already established its on demand startup for their on demand photo printing services. The Inkdot app allows users to select pictures from camera and Instagram, choose a frame from materials like wood, metal, paper prints, or set of amazing coasters, and receive the order in less than a week.

The Inkdot app offers a set of amazing products to stylishly display your important moments. Users just need to select pictures and Inkdot turns it into something tangible.

For example, if a user wants buy a picture frame, rather than going to a physical store, the user can directly order from a stylish collection of frames in different material, and get it right at the door steps within a week.

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The Idea For Your On Demand Printing Startup App

Ever since the success of Inkdot, people have already started loving the idea of ordering printed pictures of their favourite moments online.

Moreover, the local brick-and-mortar printing store owners can easily adapt the idea of selling their products through a mobile app. For instance, the store owner could contact top mobile app development company, discuss about the idea for their on demand printing startup, and develop their own photo printing app.

The shop owners can then upload the photo frames into their business app according to their availability of frame collection and start selling. And, even if you’re new to the printing industry, it’s still possible to create your own photo printing mobile app in the on demand economy, and establish a successful business.

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