How Parking Spot Apps Startups Helping People Save Time Through Its On Demand Services

When you live in a crowded metropolis, finding a parking spot becomes annoying at times.

Though, there are generally parking lots that provide parking facility with hourly charges, but most of the times you don’t know whether they have a parking space available or not, until you get there.

This is the task that everybody were waiting to see made easier. Just like Uber for booking taxi, people loved the idea of Uber for parking, booking a parking spot near to their destination before leaving. This is how parking spot apps came to market by brilliant mind of Entrepreneurs.

Recently BMW has acquired Parkmobile, a parking guidance app that provides instruction and services to users who are looking for parking in North American region, along with on-street, garage parking and spot reservation. Prior to this acquisition, BMW Group was holding a small stake in Parkmobile. And now, with this deal, BMW has increased its holdings to grasp most of the ownership of Atlanta based Parkmobile.

This deal will give BMW a crucial position in the U.S. parking services market, as the Parkmobile app is available in more than 300 cities, which includes NYC and Phoenix. Parkmobile will now evolve into BMWs Mobility Services.

Last year, Parkmobile measured 50 million transactions on people who were finding parking within North America, and also got 8 million users registered.

Evolution of On Demand Market

Everyone is aware about Uber, right?

Probably it was the first startup to introduce the on demand market. After that, Entrepreneurs started coming up with different on demand services idea such as Luxe, Medicast, Washio, and many others.

While the number of on demand startups are increasing fast, but many still ask – is the hyper-growth that we’re seeing will slow down? Is it a short-term trend?

Well, the answer is NO.

Since always, people seek simple solutions for their problems that save their time and money. And, the new on demand services models have opened new doors for real-time fulfillment of goods and services.

Moreover, the consumer behaviour is also changing. Today’s on demand startups have created business models that can satisfy the consumer needs in a better, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

All in all, this new industry and its ability to satisfy the increasing consumer demand with convenience, efficiency, and simplicity is novel today. In future, it’ll be an expectation.

Top Parking Spot Apps

Parker App


The Parker app shows you where available parking spaces are right now with the access of information over 24000 parking lots and garages.

To find a open parking spot, simply select a street and it’ll show you the available parking spaces near the selected street on the map with turn-by-turn voice navigation.

The parking mobile app also featured with filters to show parking spaces that meet your preferences with payment options, prices, and hours availability.

PayByPhone Parking Spot App


Among all parking mobile apps, PaybyPhone is the highest ranked parking apps in the world. The app currently has 12 million users who use app for parking everyday.

This parking mobile app comes with Today View Widget with which, you can track your parking without opening the app. In addition to this, the app lets you extend your parking and send you reminders so you don’t have to worry about getting a ticket.

The other features of app includes park with Apple pay and check your parking quickly with the Apple Watch app.

Wilson ParkMate


With ParkMate, you don’t have to queue up to pay for the parking or keep the stack of coins with them. In fact, you don’t have to guess how long you may need a parking space. You can control your parking from ParkMate parking app.

Once you create ParkMate account, it provides the best parking rate available and an option to set reminders that your parking session is active. In fact, the app shows timer on your phone so you can always see how long you have parked for.

Wilson Parkmate is currently established and provides its services in New Zealand using phone’s GPS and Google Maps. When you select your parking spot, just hit ‘Start Your Parking’ to commence and ‘Stop Your Parking’ when you’d like to leave.

The Simple Solution For Your Parking Spot App Startup

As you know, on demand app startups have been a major trend after Uber. There are even startups for on demand valet parking. And, by inspiring from such on demand startups, you could also disrupt the on demand services economy with your own parking spot app startup.

For your parking spot app business, you could simply tie up with local parking lot operators with a commission based system. For instance, you could pick a street and contact its parking lot operator and make a deal to allow your app users to book parking spots there. in addition to this, Your parking app should be feature-packed and easy-to-navigate for any people to use quickly.

Remember, the amount of time users spend on mobile apps depends on the kind of experience they get. Therefore, it should be primary focus of every startup mobile app to have a user-friendly UI for users to go through app smoothly. While coming up with UI/UX design matching your app requirement could be a tough task, but Entrepreneurs always prefer to hire dedicated developer to make sure that there is nothing to worry about the quality of their startup app.


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