Don’t Miss to Integrate These 3 Features from Blue Apron (Ingredient-and-Recipe Meal Kit App) Before Developing On-demand Meal Kit & Wine Delivery App


This post includes information for startups & entrepreneurs. Read on three unique features from Blue Apron (ingredient-and-recipe meal kit app), which you can adopt during on-demand meal kit service app development.

We live in an era where there is not only on-demand grocery, food delivery services are there, but ingredient-and-recipe meal kit services are also there. For the busiest people, this ingredient-and-recipe meal kit delivery service could be a lifesaver.

Based on this concept, there is an American meal kit service provider named Blue Apron, which has already earned a fame in this sector. However, due to its unique business model, Blue Apron, had its IPO (Initial Public Offering) of 30 million shares of class A common stock priced at $10 per share on June’17. Furthermore, Blue Apron had become the first U.S. meal-kit company to go public.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Blue Apron has undergone with the partnership with by introducing Blue Apron’s meal kits for the customers in New York.” And, the same-day or next-day delivery of meal-kit service will be available in Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey, Hoboken, and Manhattan.


Blue Apron: On-demand Ingredient-and-Recipe Meal Kit Delivery App

The New York-based startup, Blue Apron, was founded in 2012 by Matt Salzberg, Matthew Wadiak, and Ilias Papas. The business model of Blue Apron has changed the way people cook at their homes.

  • With its weekly subscription service, Blue Apron delivers everything that they need to make fresh meals like ―
  1.  Shopping for its customers at wholesale.
  2.  Delivering the ingredients in specific proportion along with printed recipe cards.
  • The objective behind the Blue Apron app is to provide its app users with their own private chefs, so subscribers can explore the new recipes, eat fresher foods by saving both time and money.
  • According to the report from Crunchbase, “Blue Apron has raised a total of $199.4M in funding over six rounds.” And, the latest funding came from Post-IPO Equity round in 2017.
  • In the first quarter of 2017, Blue Apron reportedly had 1.04 million customers, and up from 649,000 customers. It also had 879,000 customers in the first quarter of 2016. And, you can see the growth of Blue Apron in this image.


  • According to the report from Similar Web, “The Usage and Google Play rank of Blue Apron are #37 and #65 respectively.”


  • On Apple App Store, Blue Apron app is ranked #83 in food and drink category.
  • As per the report from App Annie, “Currently, the download rank of Blue Apron is #81.”


Now, moving ahead, and let us check out the unique features from Blue Apron, which can be considered while developing an app for on-demand solutions.


3 Unique Features from Blue Apron to Consider Before Developing an On-demand Meal Kit & Wine Delivery App

1. Allows to Manage The Deliveries (View, Reschedule or Skip Upcoming Deliveries)

One of the must-have features is to provide convenience to your customers. So, this feature is all about to allow them to manage the meal-kit delivery services through the mobile app. Provide effective solutions to discover unique, seasonal recipes created by chefs each week.

Being an on-demand food delivery startup, if you are planning to create an app like Blue Apron, then you can consider such features where your app users can easily manage their deliveries as per their convenience.

Blue-Apron-1Image Source: blue apron

So, in order to provide quality services, it is important to consider the customized options of delivery. It is essential to provide your app users to view, reschedule or they can skip the upcoming deliveries.

2. Track Latest Delivery of Food & Wine

Today’s customers demand flexibility, convenience and a wide variety of services. So, this essential features is to allow users to track the delivery of their orders in order to stay updated. To provide convenient on-demand delivery services to your customers, it is important to allow your app users to track their orders in order to stay updated. To use the user’s current location, the GPS real-time tracking feature is essential in order to track the orders.

Blue-Apron-2Image Source: blue apron

Being a trusted and reliable on-demand delivery startup, it is important to consider such feature to provide a positive experience to them.

3. Explore Tips & Tricks to Speed Meal Preparation

This is one of the unique features, which you can consider to stand out from your rivals. You can allow your app users to speed up the meal preparation by providing exclusive tips and tricks, techniques and how-to-videos. With on-demand meal-kit delivery service, you can consider such app feature to provide them with something useful yet different.


By integrating this app feature, you can provide something different, and users will surely choose such useful services over others in the market. If you have ever thought to create an on-demand ingredient-and-recipe meal kit app like Blue Apron, then you need to consider an important feature.

Concluding Thoughts

Including these basic yet essential features is one of the key factors to maximize the success rate of any grocery delivery service. So, to create a successful on-demand ingredient-and-recipe meal kit app like Blue Apron, you can create more opportunities for your business.

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