These 3 Simple Mistakes Stopped Food Delivery Startups from Becoming Zero to Hero

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This blog includes information for food tech startups & entrepreneurs. Let’s walk through into three simple mistakes that stopped on-demand food delivery startups from becoming zero to hero. You can also avoid them during on-demand food delivery app development.

“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something” ~ Morihei Ueshiba

Definitely, failures teach us lessons and we can learn a lot from it. Talking about the billion dollars of startups, who have been not doing well for a long time, these startups actually taught lessons to future startups.

In the European Union, there was one of the top food delivery startups named Take Eat Easy, Belgium-based on-demand food delivery startup. The startup was founded in 2013, and recognized as one of the best restaurants in Paris. Some 3 years ago in the restaurant delivery wars in Europe, there was a casualty of Take Eat Easy.

Apart from celebrating 1 millionth order in 2016, this on-demand food delivery startup could not raise a much-needed Series C round. And, it eventually ran out of money in July 2017.

Shedding light on the funding round of Take Eat Easy startup, in the year 2014, this food delivery startup raised €350K in Seed round of funding. In 2016, Take Eat Easy secured €10M in another round of funding in Series B with the total amount of funding €16.4M.

All top of it, we can say that the company played well in its respective market. It might be the reason for heavily funded competitors, which include London-based Deliveroo, Delivery Hero’s Foodora, Uber’s Uber Eats. And, it seems that the competition had a deadly impact on Take Eat Easy’s ability to raise funding.

Well, whatever the reasons were behind not raising enough fundings by Take Eat Easy, but this Belgium-based on-demand food delivery startup has taught a few great lessons from its mistakes, especially for those who are planning to dive right in this niche.

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Now, let us have a closer look at these simple mistakes, which you as a food delivery tech startup can avoid to become successful.

Let’s dive right in.

3 Mistakes That Stopped Food Delivery Startups from Becoming Zero to Hero

Mistake #1: Ignoring Problems & Still Expect Business Will Remain Alive

One of the important lessons, which food delivery startups teach us is to don’t ever ignore solutions for the customers’ problems. You may or may not know the problems faced by customers, but it is all important not to ignore the problems, which your business can face eventually. Without analyzing the problems and finding out solutions for the same, it is hard to compete in the competitive world of food delivery.

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Image Credits: fitbit

So, the important lesson we can learn from Take Eat Easy, food delivery startup, is that we just can’t believe that any business will remain alive without offering solutions to problems.

However, this startup company had tried to figure out the problems and solutions for the same, but it could not happen eventually.

Mistake #2: Starting With the Strongest Market Already

The very important lesson, which Take Eat Easy taught startups is that we always start with the “small” or “small market”. Instead of diving into the market, which is already strong, it is pivotal to understand that you need to observe the region. No matter how big your idea is, but you need to start with the small region, where there are lesser chances of competitors. Or, we can say that you will face fewer rivals in the same niche.

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Image Credits: foodscene.deliveroo

Taking an example of Take Eat Easy, London represents a small market, and yet the startup did not take a grip in that region. However, the odds are more to be flourished.

Well, the key takeaway is that you as a startup need to start with the “small market” where the chances are more to flourish of your startup business.

Mistake #3: Thinking Raising Funds Can Solve the Problems

One of the important lessons, which food delivery startup can learn from Take Eat Easy is to not ever think raising funds can solve the problems. If it thinks that raising funds can solve many problems, but it is not the right way to get success. However, money can’t work like this. It cannot solve the fundamental issues, which struggling startups have been facing for so long.

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Bottom Line
If on-demand food delivery startup business model is not sound, then investing money will not help at all. All you just need to fix the problems first, then this is the only way, which can give momentum to your startup business.

Concluding Remarks

You have just gone through with a few important lessons in terms of mistakes, which startups can learn from Take Eat Easy, on-demand food delivery startup. Well, embracing all these important lessons can help you to overcome problems, which you may face while establishing new startup business in on-demand food delivery,

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