Planning to Develop On-demand Cannabis App? This News Will Make Your Day


Are you running marijuana dispensary business or planning to start one? Herein we have covered one top news related to the on-demand cannabis industry that will make your day. Check out this post that will help you to make a quick decision to enter in the on-demand cannabis app development.

In this online world where everything is just a click away, marijuana dispensary businesses and startups are also planning to invest in marijuana app development. For convenience and better shopping experience, a lot of on-demand cannabis dispensaries are planning to develop their own mobile application.

So, if you are an owner of a medical marijuana dispensary, this latest news on the cannabis industry from will make your day. According to Crunchbase, the funding amount for cannabis companies more than doubled from 2017 to 2018 with over $1.3 billion. The amount directed toward startups and other private companies in the industry last year.

A Closer Look to Cannabis Industry

The dollar volume in Q1 2019 was quite low compared to the immediately preceding quarter, but it was still double than the last year quarter. Here’s the graphical view of the cannabis market that gives a clear view of the data:


Image Source: Crunchbase news

Giving a closer look at the rounds for cannabis startups since 2017, top fifteen rounds were directed toward companies that touch the plant. The one such round includes a $90 million for Grassroots Cannabis in March 2019 and another round includes a $75 million for Caliva, a top cannabis brand. The third round includes a $125 million for cannabis producer and distributor named Flow Kana.

There is no room for doubt that the cannabis industry is going to flourish in the upcoming years and the market will touch new heights. So, if you have decided to develop an Uber for weed delivery app for your on-demand cannabis dispensary, here’re the 4 core features to consider for your cannabis delivery app.

4 Core Features That Cannabis Dispensaries and Startups Need to Consider During On-demand Cannabis App Development

1. Allow Users to Browse A Range of Cannabis Products

The most important feature to include in your on-demand cannabis app is – allow users to browse a range of cannabis products. Let your users browse different types of cannabis products from high quality to trustworthy brands.

on-demand cannabis app development

Whether users want to discover the perfect marijuana accessories or products for smoking, growing, dabbing, vaping, wearing, eating, storing and enjoying, users can tap on the search button to check out a hundred of products.

So, including browsing feature in your cannabis delivery app is must to allow users to explore a wide variety of weed products. They can explore products like dried flowers, oils, capsules, and pre-rolled joints.

2. Easy Ordering of Cannabis Products

After browsing a comprehensive range of weed products, customers will choose any weed product or medicine as per their need or prescription. So allow them to order the product in just a few simple taps.

on-demand cannabis app development

Make sure that the design of the “order” feature is easy so that your customers find it easy to check out the products and add them in cart. In addition, the customers can easily check the order summary along with the description and price with it.

It will make easy for customers to view their added products and place an order with a single click. Being a marijuana startup, it is must to include easy ordering feature that makes it easy for customers to check out and buy cannabis products.

3. Track the Driver and Order Status in Real-time

The third essential feature that you as a marijuana dispensary owner can allow your customers is to track the delivery driver and order status in real time. Once customers order their products, they can track the driver to know the exact delivery time of the product.

In order to give accurate tracking information on drivers and order status, make use of Google Map SD. It gives your customers real-time updates and details of the driver and orders.

Thus, being a marijuana startup or business, if you have decided to develop an app for your on-demand weed delivery solution, then track the driver and order status in real-time is an essential feature to embrace while developing on-demand cannabis delivery app.

4. Enable Users to Consult a Doctor for Instant Assistant

The fourth must to include feature is allowing users to consult a doctor for instant assistant and support. It is quite common that your customers might face any confusion while purchasing or exploring different weed products. So they can connect with the doctor through chat or video call.

on-demand cannabis app development

Allowing your customers to consult a doctor directly from the app will surely make your app stand-out from other cannabis apps. They can discuss their problems or queries and get instant solution for them.

Some Other Recommended Features to Consider

  1. Locate nearby cannabis dispensaries: Allow your customers or app users to locate nearby cannabis dispensaries and check out their different weed products. Users can instantly have a look at the products and order from a nearby dispensary.
  2. Simple Verification: It is important that you ask your users to verify their status as a legal cannabis user. Ask them to verify their prescription as well by scanning it or ask them to scan their ID.
  3. Payment Gateway Integration: Provide multiple payment modes to your users so that they can make payment for the products through any mode like Net banking, Credit/Debit card, eWallet, and other preferred modes.


You have just gone through the core features of on-demand weed delivery app. Consider these 4 essential features at the time of developing your own Uber for weed app for Android or iPhone.

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