How to Make On-demand App Like Rappi

If you have an idea to develop on demand app like Rappi for your on-demand startup, then this blog is for you. Here, we will discuss how to make an on demand app like Rappi, a leading on demand services and delivery application that raised $bn in Series E funding. With your on-demand app, you can help your customers get whatever they want from the comfort of their homes. Keep reading if you are planning to invest in on demand delivery app development.

Rappi, a Columbian startup, decided to become an everything store in Latin America. Unlike Amazon, their strength lies in instant deliveries. They focus on anything and everything from your everyday food deliveries to taking out cash from the ATMs. This helps its users live an easier life and focus on what is important to them.

The on-demand app is currently available in several countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Rappi app claims to change their users’ lives by providing 24/7 on-demand services throughout the year. 

But first… 

What is an on-demand app?

An on-demand app for deliveries is a platform through which users place requests and an individual contractor goes to complete the order in exchange for certain service charges. Some of the most popular on demand apps are Rappi, Glovo, Postmates, and Uber.

The service or product could be varied, and there are on demand apps available in almost every sector nowadays. You can find an on demand mobile application for everything from taxis to dating (you read that right!). Here are some of the main elements that form the core essence of an on-demand app:

  • Mobile-first: Making it easy to use; rather than having to open up your laptop, users can simply place requests on the go. 
  • Fast: Deliveries are usually of products sourced locally, so most on demand apps promise 30-minute deliveries.
  • Cheap: Most of the time, there are some offers and discounts ongoing in these apps, which is a big benefit for the users.
  • Independent contractors: The entire business model of on demand apps depends on multiple independent contractors offering their services or delivery of products.
  • Easy payment: The payment system is also easy; online payments are made at the time of placing the order and the app saves users’ payment information to enable quick checkouts. Cash on delivery is also accepted in most apps. 
  • Actionable rating system: After every successful order completion, the users are asked to rate the delivery or service. If it is an on-demand delivery app, users are asked to rate both – the delivery person’s efficiency as well as the quality of the food.

Now that you are more aware of the main elements that constitute an on-demand delivery service app development project, let’s take a look at the steps for how to develop on demand app like Rappi.

5 Simple Steps To Follow While Developing On Demand App Like Rappi

  1. Market analysis

    On-demand apps aren’t something new in the app development field. Even at Space-O, we have already developed and successfully launched about 40 various on-demand apps like Glovo ($531M total funding), Bevy (New Age of Alcohol by TechCrunch), and Ninja Delivery. However, not all of the on-demand apps in the market are well-known as they operate in a limited geographical area only.

    on demand app like rappi

    Of course, there are exceptions such as the 3 names we mentioned. Overall, the on-demand mobile app development has caused revolutionary changes in just a few years. It has affected the traditional businesses and is disrupting the way that they conducted business. 

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    But in order to develop your on demand app that disrupts the market just like Rappi, you will need to identify a problem that you can solve through your app. Then you will need to find on demand app developers who can develop an app that can solve the problem. If you know your audience inside out, it will be a plus point in getting people to download your app and for app retention too.

  2. Competitor research

    When studying the on demand app market, make a list of all the other popular (or not-so-popular) on demand apps that are already out there. Unless you genuinely think that you can overtake existing popular on demand apps, go for it. But it is usually better to opt for something that no one else is doing yet. This will help you get more users and retain them since you will be the only one offering those services and create a monopoly in the market until someone else comes along.

  3. Customer-centric Features

    When launching or developing an on demand app like Rappi, it is important that you start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). You can begin by adding some basic features and then go on adding more features in the next updates. 

    Here are some of the features that we suggest you add in your customer’s on demand apps:

    • Placing orders
    • Tracking
    • Scheduling
    • Online payment
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Search products or services
    • Real-time message or calls for service based on demand apps

    Here are some of the features that you can add in your service provider’s app:

    • Real-time requests
    • Navigations with GPS
    • View history
    • Dashboard for payment analytics

    You can also see Rappi’s major features to understand why it became so popular and how you can grow your on demand app too. 

  4. Technology stack

    When you develop on demand app, there are a lot of features and functionalities included in it. While most of them are simple enough, some could be a little more complicated or advanced. However, you will have to tell the on-demand app development company which platforms you want your app on. 

    In the research, you must have realized where your target users are – Android or iOS. From that data, you will need to decide the operating system: do you want to develop on demand app only in one of the platforms or both? 

    Apart from this, you must have a definitive idea about the features that you want in your on demand mobile app. When you tell the company about the same, they will suggest optimal methods and technologies for your features as well. Combining all of them will give you your app’s technology stack.

  5. Cut transport and delivery costs

    Why did on demand services become so popular? And how? There were several things that led up to this. Firstly, the number of smartphone users has gone up substantially. Almost 1 in 2 people own a smartphone nowadays. A large number of these smartphone users are younger in age and they love ordering everything online because of the ease and variety. 

    on demand app like rappi

    Other than that, the profit margin for on demand services and deliveries is usually low. However, with route synchronizing, you can save effort and money. You can also limit the radius of deliveries and/or services for your users. Providing energy-efficient transport is another way that will be beneficial in the longer run. 

Ready to Invest in the On demand App Like Rappi?

With the surge in the craze for Uber like app, on-demand apps, the competition keeps getting tougher every year. But if you have a unique idea and the right kind of business model, it won’t be too difficult to succeed. Most people love getting things delivered right at home because of the convenience. You can also offer discounts, pair up with companies to provide free products to your users and much more. These will result in increased user retention on your on-demand app like Rappi. 

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Now that we have explained all the steps for the app development process of on demand apps like Rappi, we understand that there will be challenges and problems when you actually set out to do it. For this, we assure you to help you as much as we can along the way. With our expertise and knowledge in on demand delivery service app development, you won’t face too many hurdles. 

We hope this blog cleared up some of your doubts or questions. For any other queries, feel free to contact us; we would love to be of help! 

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Bhaval Patel
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