4 Powerful Features Are Worth to Include Before Creating Note-Taking Apps like Notion

This blog is for the newbies or entrepreneurs who want to create a note-taking application like Notion. Herein rounded up four powerful features by Notion, which are worth to include during note-taking app development.

Over the past few years, things have changed dramatically. The major reason behind the major changes is due to technology. Well, if we are talking about technology, mobile apps play a major role in this. Whether it is tracking health or streaming a new track, it is all shifted to an app.

When remembering the most information at a meeting or on lectures, then people do usually end up writing down quickly the keynotes, although, it is not an easy task to synchronize the writing speed when somebody speaks. But where all these writing stuff go? People usually lose them or forget them.

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Well, there is a sophisticated note-taking app named Notion that is an all-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, and knowledge base. According to the report from The Verge, “Notion has brought its powerful note-taking app to Android.” Let’s know more about Notion app.

Notion: The Sophisticated Note-Taking App

Two-year-old San Francisco-based startup, Notion is founded by CEO Ivan Zhao. Initially, the company focused first on businesses, building tools for teams to track tasks, plus manage projects in a similar way as what Asana and Trello do. The Notion website allows creating 1,000 blocks. Blocks mean any item user can add to a Notion document, whether it is a task, calendar, or an embedded map.

Moreover, Notion app is also considered as a powerful replacement for apps like Evernote and Bear, offering a highly flexible interface for taking important notes, creating to-do lists, and letting app user organize tasks into tables, kanban boards, and calendar views.


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Well, Notion is new on Play Stores, but it has already created a buzz as a website. There is also not even the slightest doubt in that Notion app is based on the powerful concept along with the powerful features. So, being an entrepreneur or startup, if you are thinking to create the note-taking app like Notion, keep an eye on these subtle yet powerful features that make your app users rely on.

4 Powerful Features You Can Include to Develop a Successful Note-Taking App like Notion

  1. Allows to Take Notes, To-Dos, and Wikis

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    What does make note-taking app popular? The simple answer is when it ships free of cost in the user’s device. So, it is important to include one of the novel and useful features that can go beyond the expectations of your users. A project management tool for team or individuals, who look to create their own workspace to get tasks done.

    Apps like Notion allow users to find options to add new pages. And, the user will see a selection of templates that can use, from simple to-do lists to design specifications, coding guidelines, mission statements, and the blog posts.

    Once the document is created, it allows users to link it to any other document. For example, calendar created by the user can be added to the multiple notes. In the simplest way, we can say that Notion app allows users to create documents, tasks, and Wikis. The following are the top three core features, which are the heart of the note-taking app.

    • Wikis: When it comes to Wikis, the feature allows users to create, edit and design the layout, which is almost like the website. In short, we can say that it allows users to create their websites.
    • Documents: Users can create a number of documents.
    • Tasks: Allows to create tasks on new boards and users can design their own to-do list process.

    Hence, such features are worth to include while developing noting-apps like Notion.

  2. Lets Work Offline Across all Devices


    Image Source: Notion

    One of the core features to include is that all users’ documents, to-do lists, and important writing stuff can be easily synchronized with all devices. Plus, users must be allowed to work offline. This usable feature is again worth to include in creating the note-taking apps like Notion. Therefore, this is one of the usable features in the note-taking app that you can include working offline when there is no internet connection.

  3. Folderless Organization


    One of the important features, what users expect the most is to get rid of a slew of messy and confusing folders. This feature is highly recommended because of its flexibility of worth to include.

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    It allows organizing the content using a slew of nested pages. By including such feature, you can give users a peace of mind while organizing their task as what they have been missed in previous project management tools in terms of the mobile app.

  4. Collaboration in Real-time

    It is important to provide your users the most flexible experience. The feature, which is named the “collaboration in real time”. It means that allowing users to edit at the same time as more than one user can access the documents and can comment on it. So, as its name says collaboration in real time feature is important to integrate to provide flexibility to users. Notion app has a powerful replacement for Google Docs.

    Moreover, the user can share, mention contact’s name, and comments at the same time. Therefore, being a startup or an entrepreneur, if you are planning to create top note-taking apps like Notion, this is a must-have feature, which is important to integrate.

Wrapping Up

You have just gone through with the top four features, which are worth-including if you are planning to develop Android app under the category of project management tool’.

If you are having an app idea related to note-taking app development like Notion along with easy-to-use functions and tools, then hire a mobile app development company and validate your app idea.

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