Weight Loss App Development: Noom (Health Coaching App) Climbed $58M Ladder With These 4 Major Solutions To Its Health Conscious Users


Want to develop a weight loss app? In this blog, we have embraced 4 major solutions of Noom, weight loss app development, which will help fitness startups and health coaching tech entrepreneurs in making the best workout app.

“Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it.” – Jack Lalane

Health has become a conscious subject of every individual’s life. People have started to realize the responsibility of living a healthy lifestyle. The weight loss apps have been a boon for people as well as the healthcare industry. The health apps are widespread in more than one genre generating business opportunities in the form of:

  • Nutrition app
  • Workout apps
  • Health coaching apps
  • Fitness app
  • Health tracker app
  • Health and nutrition app

In this blog, we are exquisitely going to talk about Noom Weight Loss App. Recently, news from TechCrunch stated, health coaching app, Noom, is going to expand its product team after raising $58M led by Sequoia.

Every weight loss and fitness app have a basic idea of eating less and moving more. But the Noom app is different. The health coaching app has a proven psychology-based approach. It identifies the core of an individual’s health problems and builds a custom plan for healthy habits and faster recovery.

Before moving forward, let’s take a sneak peek on some facts and stats related to the diet and weight loss apps.

Some booming facts of Noom, top health coaching and weight loss app:

  • Noom app has got a chance to feature in NewYork Times, Women’s Health, Forbes, ABC, Shape and more.
  • The fitness app has already helped 45 million people worldwide to built healthy habits and health goals.
  • Noom app helps in losing 18 pounds in 16 weeks.
  • About 78% of the users keep weight off for over a year.

Have a look at the client’s satisfactory review for the Noom weight loss app:


Now, you might be confused about the scope for weight and nutrition app in the mobile app development market. We have some interesting statistics from Statista about the Global Digital Health Market from 2015 to 2020. According to stats, the mobile health market is forecasted to be around 41 percent. The digital health market is expected to reach over 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, only with the use of mobile health apps.


We hope that you as a weight loss and fitness startup are getting the importance of creating the best fitness apps for iPhone and Android, to be in the current trending mobile app market.

Are you getting app development ideas for weight loss? The startups and entrepreneurs looking for a business generation in the health fitness market can consider these 4 solutions from Noom app.

4 Solutions From Noom, Weight Loss App, To Be Considered By Fitness Startups

#1 Cutting Edge Technology For Precise Monitoring

In every alternative house, there is one person who is cribbing about, not able to track his weight loss. Noom app has made that problem its USP(Unique Selling Point). With the innovation in technology, the health tracker app is an accurate monitor of a user’s weight loss progress.

The fitness apps do not usually ask quizzes and questions when a user opens the app. The Noom app designs questions to know how to motivate a person and help him to reach the ideal weight/fitness triumph. With timely expert advice and analysis of the health app, guides its users in the correct direction. The back-end technology is the heart of this app, that allows smooth functioning and user engagement.

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Being a fitness startup, you will have to work hard on the technological web. Strengthen your back-end and user-friendly interface. Come up with some motivating features that drive their urge of getting in shape. You can also have some fun facts about weight loss in an “animated notification” alerts.

#2 Personalized Coaching & Feedback

Who does not trust consultation from fitness experts? Noom app gives users the opportunity to talk to someone who can actually help and make a difference in the weight loss journey. With tools to track weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, food, and exercise, personal feedback does the work of cream on a cupcake.


Personal coaching helps users to exactly analyze in-app activity and progress. As a healthcare app startup, “expert advice” will make your app more engaging and trustworthy. It is in human nature, we want immediate solutions to the problems we are facing. Thus, expert feedback can play a vital role in the weight loss app success.

#3 Providing Accessibility To Weight Graphs, Healthy Eating Recipes and Group Motivation

Weight loss app Noom provides users with outstanding weight loss graphs. The graphs represent the user’s weight goals and his current status. There are more than 1000 Noom recipes, and Noom food list in the app. The diet plan for healthy living encourages users to stay fit and eat healthily.


The health coaching app has specially designed “motivational groups” where people can chat about their weight loss and nutrition intake. Such a group makes a user comfortable as he is not alone struggling through health problems. He motivates himself by seeing other fitness success. You should also consider a group chat facility with some advanced sharing feature, that engages your fitness audience.

#4 Psych Tricks With Structured Course To Make Lifestyle Healthy

The health tracking app impressively has included over 250 interactive content. There are articles on style guides to psych tricks to apply in daily life to obtain motivation for healthy habits. As per the analysis obtained from the quiz and questions, the Noom app provides a structured course which is doable easily by the user.

Thus, if you want to create a mobile app for weight loss, you need to keep in mind that humans are lazy. Give your target audience as much filtered alternatives as you can. They will effectively engage in your fitness mobile app development.

What’s Next?

Earlier, if you were hesitating to make a fitness and workout app or healthcare mobile apps like Noom and FitnessPal, then you have just read a few solutions, stats, and figures of the mobile application development.

We know that you must be having a lot of other questions like which features should the mobile fitness app have, how much does it cost to create a fitness and health tracking app, which technology in the back-end will make the weight loss app development successful, how long does it take to make a health app. Get in touch with us as we’re a leading iOS/Android app development company.

And, we have already developed over 60 health and fitness applications along with unique features and functionalities like social media integration, cross-platform ability, multi-lingual support, payment gateway integration, wearable device connection, record tracking, geo-location, and push notifications.

Any query related to diet apps, calorie counter apps, fitness app development, and other health coaching apps can be solved with the help of our expert developers. We can chat more on this topic, but not here! Fill a simple contact us form and one of our sales representatives will revert you in a short time.

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