No! Trending Donald Trump Won’t Be the Best Choice for App or Web Development If You’re Doing It This Way

No! Trending Donald Trump Won't Be the Best Choice for App or Web Development If You're Doing It This Way

Do you know there are 2,500+ online dating services online in the U.S. alone? Every year, around 1,000 new online dating services opening and it becomes a popular and good way to meet people.

At present, 50% of the people know someone, who are using online dating sites or application or who have met a partner through online dating. Their attitude towards online dating becomes more positive. Additionally, 23% of Americans agree that “people who use online dating sites are desperate”, however, it is culturally recognized than it was a decade ago.

When Love and Politics Mix, Maple Match Is Born

Decades ago, there is no idea of dating application connected with the political matters. However now, if you are single and anti-Donald Trump, then there is a new dating application to find your partner. Soon-to-launch dating application, Maple Match promises to “Make Dating Great Again” – pairing single Americans, who are opposing a possible Trump presidency, with single Canadians.

“Maple Match makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.” – Stated in App’s Website

This dating application is in its waitlist phase, however, interested users are only able to submit their nationality, contact information, and the core reason why they would like to join. Surprisingly, Maple Match has been getting different types of responses.

What’s the Idea Behind Dating App Development, Maple Match?

The only 25-year-old, Joe Goldman have an idea of Maple Match, as he wants to make people smile. Since it first went live, the demand for this dating application increased, but the website revealed that there is no laughing matter. The request has increased from 100 waitlist requests to 200 requests per hour.

Words from Joe Goldman:

“Americans are using this as a serious opportunity to meet Canadians. People have been sending me paragraphs of explanation. People have been sending me pictures of themselves. I’ve had people begging me to start this. We’re not just building an anti-Trump app. We’re building something that connects people across borders, and that’s something that has the potential to grow.”

People are showing their frustration with the current political climate and a lot of Americans want to meet Canadians. With this application, they are looking for something new and better.

Around 4,150 people have Signed Up for The Waitlist

Right now, Maple Match may take some time to be on the floor. For now, they have Twitter to share and promote their idea among Americans and Canadians. Although, more than 4,150 people have signed up for the waitlist, the site hasn’t yet started matching people.

Is Signing-Up A Good Idea?

We have suspected its growth and found that it is not the right way to promote an application. This strategy will not work once the election gets completed. In addition, it is not the proper way to find out Canadian partner, if you want to save yourself from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.

‘Don’t just develop, Validate it.’

Just like our client of Schmoozer app, you should develop a unique app idea with a unique concept that works in every situation. You should create Dating App that works forever, not just limited to particular time-frame.

Schmoozer connects people each morning when they are on the way to jog, work, etc.

They connect people of interest, include music, sports, TV shows, etc. If you want to develop dating app like Tinder or Schmoozer (developed by us), you can hire full-stack developers for dating mobile application development service.


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