Revealed: 9 Unique Features of SmartNews ( Best News Aggregator App Valued at $1.1 Billion)

Are you running a news organization that you want to expand using the mobile app platform? That’s great, you have landed in the right place. In this blog, we have revealed 9 unique features of SmartNews app that recently valued at 1.1 billion. Don’t overlook these exclusive features during news app development.

The other day we asked one of our colleagues when was the last time he picked up a newspaper to read the news. He replied, “I don’t remember.” What does this mean?

Newspaper subscriptions are losing their popularity. With the advent of online streaming platforms, even TV news channels are losing viewers day by day. 

Are people losing interest in the news itself?

No, this doesn’t mean people don’t like to stay updated with the news anymore. They simply don’t have much time to spare for it, especially when everything is available online. With top news apps, people prefer to read the latest news on their smartphone on-the-go. 

Recently, we came across one of the most popular AI-powered news aggregation apps named SmartNews. As per the reports, the SmartNews app has raised $28 Million in the latest round of investment. This investment also welcomed the app to the unicorn club as it is now valued at $1.1 Billion.

Yes, you read it right. Such AI and machine learning-based news apps are gaining much popularity on the web. In fact, various investors are showing interest in these apps and invest a huge amount of money. 

So, being a news startup or entrepreneur, if you have ever through to develop a news app or news discovery app like SmartNews, look at these 9 exclusive features of SmartNews. Let’s explore these features.

9 Features of SmartNews that you could consider during news app development

  1. Convenient news viewing

    SmartNews mobile news app enables users to read and watch location-based news. A user in the US would get news relevant to the people living there.

    As many people don’t have much time to read every news article in detail, the users can easily browse just the headlines to stay updated on happenings around the world. If a headline grabs their attention, they can also read the entire news article in depth.

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    Source: SmartNews app

    To make the news consumption more interesting and appealing, the articles include images, videos, and gifs. 

  2. Breaking news

    A lot of events and incidents of political and historical importance happen all around the world. It is a known fact that some news is more important than others. People should be aware of such vital information.

    This is why this e-newspaper app has a feature of showing breaking news at the top of other news. Notifications of breaking and the latest news are sent to users via push notifications.

    There is also a feature of displaying these notifications on the lock screen of a user’s smartphone device. This can be changed in settings. This feature enhances user-experience, so you may include this when you create a news app.

  3. Smart view

    Most news apps require internet for functioning. The articles can only be viewed when the device is online but that’s not the case with SmartNews app. Users can consume news offline or slow internet connection, on the go. 

    This feature called ‘Smart View’ was built into the news API for Japanese users riding the Tokyo subway. In Smart View, the web view is stripped down reducing data usage.

    Also, Smart Mode is the readability mode for optimal news reading experience. The users can easily scroll category tabs horizontally as well as vertically. Do take care of the user interface when you build a news app. 

  4. Categories

    This is one of the best features of this news and magazine app. Users can browse from various categories like Top, Sport, Entertain, World, Biz, Tech, Science, Lifestyle, Social, and Discover. 

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    Source: SmartNews app

    Each user has different interests and this is why this AI-based app for news provides an option to the users to tap and remove the category they are not interested in.

    In fact, users can also hold and drag one category and place it before or after another category. Basically, they can edit the category order in their order of interest. Such features can do wonders for your news app development.

  5. Discover and add channels

    This feature might sound general at first but it is the most unique feature of this newsfeed app. The users can search the name of news channels and publishers that they wish to follow.

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    Source: SmartNews app

    After searching, they can use the Add Channel feature to add the news channels that publish articles that the user finds appealing. This way the user can customize their feed. 

    SmartNews has associated with over 300 tier news channels and newspapers like Billboard, The Washington Times, The Hollywood Reporter, and Business Insider.

    Such features can take your news app development a notch higher, and it is advised to consider these in your news app.

  6. Share and report

    If the user finds a news article appealing, useful, interesting or all the above, then he might wish to share it with other people who might feel the same. 

    This news feed API lets the users share articles via various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Pocket, Instagram Direct, etc.

    User can also mail articles, open the link in a browser or copy URL in order to share in any other way. Moreover, they also report their concerns over any article or news that they find are not appropriate.

  7. Personalized settings

    This app competes with the Apple news app as it has this powerful functionality of personalized settings. Users can schedule their morning, afternoon, evening and night notifications according to their suitable timings. 

    They decide the font size of the article along with data saving options. Users can also choose the edition of the app: Japanese, American, or International and orientation: portrait, landscape, or automatic.

  8. For publishers

    Becoming one of the best news apps don’t happen overnight. This app provides great and useful features for the news publishers as well.

    The Channel Plus or Add Channel feature we discussed earlier help these publishers gain more traffic of viewers and generate more revenue.

    The advertisements in the articles generate revenue for the publishers. Apps like Feedly, Inoreader, and Flipboard take a small commission of this. While SmartNews is a news subscription app that doesn’t take a penny of this revenue. 

    Moreover, SmartNews also provides access to SmartNews Insights to partner publishers. This is an online dashboard service providing analysis of traffic, social sharing, and key metrics for their content.

    news app development

    Source: SmartNews app

    When you plan to make a news app, you must see that even the publishers are benefitted from the news app development.

  9. For you

    This is the latest addition to the collection of features in this app which is sort of a Feedly alternative. This is a new section in the Top category which is designed to automatically deliver articles that are related to the user’s interest. 

    Though unlike Feedly app, SmartNews emphasizes on discovery moreover personalization. Readers are suggested articles that will show them both sides (liberal and conservative) on a topic that they’re interested in.

    They call this “personalized discovery”.

    Personalization to an extent where the user’s judgment is not clouded is very essential during news app development.

Get in the news!

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