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There are plenty of tools like To-Do Lists, Diaries, Notes, Organizers, etc. to pre-plan a variety of activities. Yet there are times like Holidays and Festivals when people feel an urge to have a separate Planner. This is simply because none of the above mentioned tools turn out to be sufficient enough to carry out a myriad of planning related with such festivals and holidays.

Let’s talk about the world’s most celebrated festival – Christmas. Just as now, at this time of the year people in every corner and country of the world eagerly await Christmas. There is a lot of excitement in the air and in every age group including kids, teens, adults and elders. Amidst of all the merriment, joy, fun and excitement that this festival brings along with it, there is also a mound of Christmas stress that people develop for their “Christmas Planning”.

There are number of things and activities to be planned including Gifts, Foods & Drinks, Decorations, Travel & Visits, Outfits, etc. Hence it is very natural for people to befall before this chaotic, confusing and commoting situation that ultimately lands everyone into the number of problems.

Some of the most common problems people always have during Christmas are related to:

  1. Budget Christmas Overspending is the obvious problem with everyone. People across the world overspend than their budgets and more often than not get into unwanted Christmas debts.
  2. Forgetting Items: As per survey by Budgens, the average person forgets at least 5 items he /she intends to buy for Christmas Day each and every year.

Tools for Christmas Planning

Now there are number of Christmas Planning Tools but people usually prefer:

    • Excel Christmas Planners: Excel Christmas Planners help to list down all the Christmas items however they are not handy to be used everywhere and get complex with too much data input. Think about this you have a Christmas Planner.xls but can you use it everywhere particularly when you are shopping for Christmas and likely to forget a few things to buy.


    • Printable Templates: Using Printable Templates is just like having a readymade checklist that may get messy and jumbled when you try do add or discard items. Further the only way to keep the track of the budget is manual calculation but then what is the use of printable templates.


    • Online Christmas Planning Tools: Online Christmas Planning Tools like Christmas Budget Planner by or Christmas Money Planner by can be of great use but will always require internet connectivity which may not be available all the time.


    • Mobile App: Having a Christmas Planner Mobile App is not just a cool idea but it could be a wise decision too. Not only can we use it everywhere on the go, (i.e. while shopping or doing something else) but we can use it in an offline mode (i.e. without internet). Know more about the “Christmas Planner App“.


But that is not all, you can know a lot about the features, cost and tentative time to create Christmas Planner Mobile App. Just request our free initial consulting!


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