Need and Benefits of Converting Excel Carb Counting Calculators into Mobile Apps


Carbohydrates (or Carbs) are contained in almost every food we eat. Even foods labeled as “Sugar-Free” or “No Sugar Added” can have carb content as against the common notion most people have that Sugar Free Products are Carbohydrates Free. Of course, sugar of any kind has carbohydrates but it is not the sole constituent that has carbs, i.e. ingredients like flour and rice which do not have sugar but starch, are also not devoid of carbohydrates.

But why are we talking about carbs?

Well because Carbohydrates are nutritional building blocks of a healthy diet and the proportion in which they are consumed greatly matter. However, excess intakes of carbohydrates on a regular basis can cause abnormal increase in blood sugar levels leading to a condition at some point where body does not make enough insulin to meet its needs. Such condition is called Type 2 Diabetes. Whereas consuming very low carb diets also invites numerous mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Hence, it becomes very necessary for everyone particularly people with diabetes to count and consume daily carbohydrates in the adequate quantity.

Need for Mobile Carb Counting Calculators (Apps)

Everyone needs carb counting calculators but does not have it. Some who have it cannot use it everywhere since such calculators are not that handy. For example if one relies on an online carbohydrate calculator, he/she will need access to internet as a mandate. Besides, there is no provision to keep a track, i.e. one can only calculate but can’t keep a record of it. Another way is to use excel carb calculators which can function offline (without internet) but require working upon complex formulae, and cannot be used ubiquitously.

Can converting Excel Carb Counting Calculators into Mobile Apps help?

You bet! Converting excel carb counting calculators into mobile apps equips everyone particularly diabetics to have a handy tool. It can help and solve problem of a great mass of people with diabetes (as many as 382 million). See more statistics.

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Some other greatest benefits of having a mobile carbohydrate counting app converted from excel calculator are:

  1. The app can no less than be a Healthy Eating Plan for diabetics or even a Handy Diet Regimen for fitness conscious people who prefer low carb diets.
  2. Diabetes Management becomes easy, effective and inexpensive, i.e. special diabetes management equipment may not be a mandate helping people to save a good amount of money.
  3. Foods can be chosen as per likes while knowing and keeping the carbohydrates intake in control. So people do not have to be at the mercy of others (caregivers, family members, etc.) and can enjoy a greater freedom while staying fit and healthy.

Space-O converted Excel Calculator into Carb Counting App. See Video.

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