Navigation Flow – Is That The Name Of A Spell?


The world of mobile apps is burning and churning. More and more ideas are getting transformed into apps everyday. Some of these apps are ruling the market while others are still struggling to leave the app store/ google play and get installed on devices.

If you are a business owner, ready to take your company to a different level altogether, then the obvious solution that may come to your mind would be to create app. Now comes the confusing part. The most important question; How are apps made exactly?

To anyone who is making an app for the first time, this question is very important. It is possible that after spending Quite a bit of money you get an app that gets no returns in any form.

With such an uncertainty rising in your mind, you need someone to tell you that, “ It’s ok! We are here for you.” You need someone to assure you about the app you are going to make, its quality and processes and methods used to do so.

Taking charge of your app, Space-O, responsibly, makes an app that is flawless and flexible.

Here is why you can Trust Space-O:

#1. Design Led Engineering:
Space-O believes in the philosophy of design led engineering. This means that using napkin drawings, rough sketches and then a properly drawn prototype Space-O makes sure that the navigation flow is decided and that they have been confirmed with the clients.

#2. Development:
Once the prototype is been approved, the actual work begins. These napkin drawings and sketches then begin to come to life. What this means is that once the build is ready there is no issue related to the design, colour, placing of the options etc. And now the ideas and prototypes get realized.

#3. Why is This Important:
Most app developing companies start with the developing directly which means that the chances of flaws, changes and getting stuck increase. However, with Space-O’s method the time spent in editing and correction can be saved and that much money can be saved too.

What if the navigation flow is not designed properly?

Bad UI (Image:tumblr)

It is using the navigation flow given that a user can explore the app properly. If the navigation flow is not properly designed then it provides bad user experience. This may lead in the app getting uninstalled on the same day as its download. It’s the same as an unhappy customer leaving hotel unsatisfied.

But if the navigation flow is clear and not misleading then the ease in using your app can make it a hit.

Don’t just make an app for the sake of it. Give birth to the idea, take time to nurture it, think it through, and then actualize it. Trust Space-O to be your loyal partner for this assignment.

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