App Idea for Nail Salon: 4 Important Features to Integrate into Nail Salon App


This blog post is for beauty tech startups and entrepreneurs. Let’s take a walk through a few important features, which you can integrate during nail salon apps development.

From manicure to a number of beauty services at comfort zones, this is because that all beauty services are at fingertips. Thanks to online salon appointment booking apps! Currently, there is a huge craze of nail art designs and nail extensions to amplify looks. However, nail salon apps have already made it easy for those people who are obsessed with nail arts, designs & extensions.


Nail Salon App

Nail salon app enables users to discover and book a diverse range of nail services through the nail salon booking app. The Uber salon app for nails works in two ways. The first is to allow app users to book services from a number of nail salons. And, the second way is to allow them to book appointments from one salon only.

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If you are one of the beauty startups for the nail salon and struggling to grow your business to the next level, then you need to think about the nail salon booking app, which is more accessible to your customers.

Furthermore, if you are having an idea for a nail salon app and can’t decide the app features, then you need to check this out. We’ve curated a few important app features, which you can integrate during nail salon app development.

4 Important Features to Integrate During Nail Salon App Development

1. Discover & Book Nail Services

One of the must-have features is to allow your users to discover services to beautify their nails. This feature must be easy-to-use so that your app users can easily browse diverse nail services as per their convenience. To provide a seamless experience to your users, it is pivotal to offer a smooth experience in order to browse the services, including nail arts, extensions, designs, manicures, and pedicures.

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On the other hand, booking the appointments for nail services must be another essential app feature, which you need to take utmost care during nail salon app development. Both discovering and booking appointments app features need to be as easy as anyone can use it without hassle. If you are ready to create a nail salon app, make sure to integrate such core features while developing a successful nail salon app.

2. Schedule Bookings & Filters (by Professional Nail Artist, Location, Service Type & Date to Find Nail Services)

Another core feature is to schedule the bookings in advance as per the users’ convenience. Allowing them to schedule an advance booking for the next month, upcoming month or two months-in-advance. So, all we can say that don’t forget to include such an important feature while developing an app for nail salon.


In addition to this, allow your customers to filter services by professional nail artist, location, service type, and date in order to find out the best nail service. Well, while developing an on-demand beauty service, filter plays an important role.

Bottom Line
The success of your nail salon booking app depends on how easy the app features are. Thus, you need to take care of this feature during on-demand nail salon app development.

3. Appointment Reminders & In-App Payments

Let your customers book nail services at ease. So, you need to consider such features, which can actually make things easier for them. The appointment reminders are key for your app, which actually help them to remind their appointments. While developing a mobile application for your beauty business, it is highly recommended to opt for features that can add value to your users’ lives. In short, make sure to integrate features, which are useful for them.


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Another feature, which is important to integrate is in-app payment when the user is done with booking. The in-app payment is an integral part of the app of nail booking services. This feature allows users to make payment for the bookings directly from the application. In the current times, you can’t think to create an app without considering this feature i.e. in-app payments. Make sure to include multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, and e-wallets.

4. Reschedule & Cancel Appointments

When it comes to considering useful app feature, then herein we’re going to talk about one of the essential app features, including reschedule the services as per convenience and cancel appointments. By considering this feature when developing mobile app for nail salon services, make it easy for your users, allowing them to reschedule or cancel bookings with just a few simple taps.


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Such features let your users reschedule nail related services as per their convenience. In addition, another core feature is to allow your users to cancel the appointments any time.

Bottom Line
If you are all set to create nail salon app, you need to entail such feature, which makes things easier for your users when booking, rescheduling or canceling the appointments.

On a Concluding Note

A mobile app is a great way to showcase your nail skills. And, it would be great to switch your physical salon store into an online salon for nail services. So, if you have ever planned to develop nail salon app, then it is a high time to create one for your physical salon.

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