Myth vs Facts Regarding Development of Match-3 Style Games for Android / iPhone

There is no denying fact that Flappy Bird cloning/re-skinning has changed the industry of match-3 style games. At this point of time, the space in app stores is cluttered and overcrowded with match-3 style puzzle games. Hence, if you want to develop match-3 style games, you need to have a look at some myths surrounding this trend of developing match-3 style games and match-3 game clone source code.

These myths assume importance because when you start to develop match-3 style games, it inevitably arouses negative feedback. And, if you have not answered the checklist in your head, that feedback may harm your spirit, excitement and dedication to come up with a unique match-3 style game.

Following are some myths that need to be checked with facts.

Myth#1: All match-3 style puzzle games are same
Fact: They share only the same source code, not the details.

It is often believed that the development of match-3 style games is “same.” What is often misunderstood is the fact that while they are built on same source mechanism, they cannot be the same in terms of their feel, characters, ambiance, details and other intricacies that make any game an engaging experience for the users.

A game called Shariki developed in 1994 by a Russian programmer is allegedly a “mother” of match-3 style games. If you compare the mechanic of that game and the games prevalent today, it can be said that match-3 style puzzle games have come of age inspite of retaining the basic mechanic and principle of the game. It is this branching out in terms of details and that make match-3 style games unique and different and not the SAME as the myth likes to believe.

Myth#2: It is all about being “first” in the market

Fact: So, do you want to mean that when the first telephone might have come in the market, all others should have stopped thinking of entering into the business of telecommunication? Yes, you got it right, this is nonsense.

In economics, the principle of “first” is often hailed with much enthusiasm and excitement. However, if that would have been the case, there should have been no other phone companies except the one that manufactured it first, no smart phones except the old Nokia’s, and no Internet services providers, of course. The “first” is in fact the torch bearer for others to take it forward, and not the end of the road.

Myth#3: There is no room for innovation/creativity in cloning match-3 style games

Fact: Compare any two match-3 style games and you know how hollow this myth is.

When different games use one source code, they do not cease to be innovative and creative. For example, Bejeweled offers a different and randomized board whereas Candy Crush Saga offers a specific and composed level. The players who are perceptive can instantly know this difference. Hence, each game has its own target audience and therefore there is ample room for all the three – innovation, creation and money!

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