Music Streaming Apps like SoundCloud, BitTorrent Now Makes Its Space to Apple TV and Other iOS Devices

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According to the Nielsen’s year-end Music report, 2015 was a good year for streaming service and so far, 2016 also. On-demand streaming services grew from 164.5 billion streamed songs to 317 billion streams in 2015, which is doubled from 2014.

It is also worth observing that when Nielsen stalked music streaming, it focused on both audio and video services like Spotify, Cricket, Google Play, Medianet, Rdio, AOL, Beats, Rhapsody, Slacker, Xbox Music, and YouTube.

When it comes to talking about the most popular music streaming app, SoundCloud, it makes it easier for users to share music from its service directly on Instagram. The app has made it easy with its new feature that enables users to share tracks to Instagram Stories.iam

Looking at the graph, we come to know that streaming was growing year-over-year to 317.2 billion, while music video grew to 172.4 billion streams, and audio streams to 144.9 billion streams.

Now, there are many companies, including BitTorrent Now exposing themselves among smartphone users. BitTorrent Now is launching on Apple TV and other iOS devices.

BitTorrent has been working to legitimize the peer-to-peer technology, as a tool that can be used to distribute content in the legal ways. The company claims that its product has more than 170 million users.

A new app for streaming media, BitTorrent Now has been launched by BitTorrent that works similar to an app like Spotify and Netflix by streaming video and audio, but without label backing. Available on Android and the web, This app is also available for iOS ecosystem to allow content creators to tap into that audience.


Similar to music streaming app like SoundCloud, BitTorrent Now enables artists to upload their work to BitTorrent’s platform, where it can then be searched by a broader community. The music streaming service provider, The app doesn’t limit itself to one type of content, i.e. songs, music video, films and more from independent creators.

Everything on BitTorrent Now is uploaded by the creator itself. Some of its collection is free, some need an email address, while some require payment. BitTorrent’s servers distribute the content in a more traditional fashion on mobile, but the company has been working to develop for peer-to-peer technology. The BitTorrent Now network is also available on the desktop as “powered by fans” that means the first person, who downloads the content, becomes the distribution point for others, who want to download it.

This music streaming application uses a client/server system, which is “temporary,” as the p2p components are being developed. The company also said that a few notable names are on the board, i.e. IHEARTCOMIX, Major Lazer, Flume, The Onion, David Cross, Super Deluxe, G-Eazy, The FADER, A24 Films, and Drafthouse Films.

Follow Your favorite artists & See What’s Trending

BitTorrent Now app allow its users to follow their favorite artists, create playlists to see what’s trending in the BitTorrent community. Users can also explore the content of the application by tags or genre like “house,” “rock,” “mixtape,” “book,” “comedy,” “folk,” and others.

BitTorrent’s Bundle format is used by BitTorrent Now that enables a user to do sign-up or pay before viewing the content that hasn’t necessarily been true of BitTorrent in the past. Also, it supports background play on iOS and a sharing function, if you want to spread the word to your friends through social networks, email or text.

Here, the challenge for music streaming app is in carving out a niche for itself among many other avenues available for content discovery such as the “indie” artists. Apart from the app like SoundCloud, artists can share their work on YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp or social networking sites like Facebook.

Develop Your Own Music Streaming App like BitTorrent Now

We are sure that BitTorrent Now will catch the public’s eye. There are music app like Pandora, SoundCloud available across iOS devices and doing good business. Even, we also have developed WavLinkz music application that connects individuals of the given area with the latest and most popular music available.

Our developed app, WavLinkz plays music from the Spotify & SoundCloud and can also allow sharing a favorite song on the social media networks. If you have a unique idea like WavLinkz, then share with us. We have excellent mobile app development team, who have the expertise in developing a music streaming an app like Spotify, SoundCloud, and BitTorrent Now.


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