5 Essential Features For a Successful Mover and Packers App Development Like Lugg, Dolly, Phlatbed

Who had ever thought that a house or office space shifting can be done in a single click? But with apps for moving like Lugg, Dolly, Gen Z is getting a convenience in the form of on demand labor service for packing. If you are having or planning to start online movers and packers business, then don’t miss out on these important features for your app development. Herein we have rounded up 5 features of Phlatbed, Uber for movers app, that bridges the gap between local drivers and people who want to move stuff from point A to B.

The sharing economy is in full swing and everything is “Uberized.” Now, why is everything Uberized? What is getting all these service industries to the digital world? From ordering food to dry cleaning cloths to now movers and packers business, why people are wanting more such app developments? 

The simple answer to this is a last-mile logistics service or last-minute delivery service. 

For a movers and packers business startup, through an app, you can easily manage all the functions like real-time tracking of fleets, payment management to keeping customers in the loop through a chatbot. 

Recently, at Space-O Technologies, we came across household and office goods moving industry’s revenue generation.  It is projected that the revenue in the U.S. will amount to approximately 17,3 billion U.S. Dollars by 2023.

movers and packers app development

Such statistics are proof that the on demand movers and packers industry is a flourishing market for the coming years. Being a brick-and-mortar startup, you can easily vouch for user engagement, as the online packing service platforms are increasing the trend of delivering things at their disposal. 

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Before you come to any conclusion with the movers and packers app idea, let us dive into the Phlatbed app, the best moving app, and also know the features to provide users with a unique online experience.

Phlatbed App: Movers and Packers App

movers and packers app development

Image Credit: Phlatbed

  • The packers and movers application was founded in 2016 by Alani Kuye and is known for its on demand delivery services.
  • The Uber for moving stuff is an on demand moving app, that connects local drivers who can help move stuff from one place to another.
  • The app development for movers and packers, operates in a metropolitan city in the US including Charlotte, Austin, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Stamford, Fairfield, Charleston, Fairfield, Westchester, Las Vegas, Reno, and most states while rapidly expanding nationwide.
  • The best app for movers and packers allows users to post their moving requests, set up the pickup and drop-off location, include pictures. It’s the only one that lets users name price, and drivers respond.

After knowing about the app, without any further due, let’s have a look at the essential features that you can consider during your movers and packers app development. These are studied by our experienced on demand app developer, who has knowledge of over 13 years and has seen the app world-changing.

5 Essential Features for Successful Movers and Packers App Development

  1. Provide users with the in-app camera and manual pick-up information

    Allow users to take a photo through the in-app camera of the product that is to be transported. A proper photo will give the drivers the clarity of opting for the job with their vehicle. Make your users manually enter the date and pick-up time for shifting the item. 

    Being an Uber for movers app, you need to give the users the liberty of shifting items according to their availability. This will avoid mishaps like stealing and will give your online business its due goodwill. 

    Pro-tip: You can curate your app’s search filter as a “movers and packers near me” facility. Centralize moving requests by showing the drivers list based on geographical preference will reduce the in-app searching and scrolling.

  2. Track order in real-time by integrating geolocation

    The geolocation helps in knowing the exact location of the assigned driver. This feature builds trustworthy business relations with online customers. You as a business owner can quickly figure-out the loopholes in the service. Thus, the driver’s on-duty cannot escape before completing his task and also you get to know the time consumed during a delivery.

    When you are looking for an Uber like app idea to be successful, you need to make sure you are aiming at the right genre with a complete set of features. This feature is one of the main ingredients, that can help you achieve your business goals as well as winning customer loyalty.

  3. Chatbots to provide 24/7 support to users

    What if your online users want you to understand their particular requirements?

    This can include information like specific tools to pick-up the product and if there is labor on demand need then from where exactly the junk has to be removed. 

    You need to facilitate in-app chatbots to obtain accurate information and keep the customer in a communication loop. By providing such feature your movers and packers app development will become a good example of online customer support. There will be no miscommunication and the users will also get a sense of security and satisfaction talking directly to the concerned service provider.

  4. Allow users to pay in advance via payment gateway integration

    Being in the on demand app development, we have made over 500 applications integrating different payment gateways like Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, Square. It is the most secure way to get advance of the job for a business. And for users a convenient mode of payment, if they decide to pay through debit or credit card.

    Provide your users with better in-app navigation while making the online payment. An online payment receipt along with proper booking information will make your app more trustworthy.

  5. Bonus Feature: Allow them to set the price via a price filter

    Instead of giving them a price quotation, you can provide them with their own price filter. Let your users set their own price and keep an open-end for in-app bargaining among your drivers or gig economy workers and the online user. 

    When you are planning for movers and packers app development, you should make a list of such essential features that can help the app engage more audience to your online platform. 

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