MongoDB Based
Mobile App Development

Building MongoDB Mobile Apps for NoSQL Enterprise Projects

  • MongoDB Management Service(MMS)
  • MongoDB Enterprise Advanced
  • MongoDB Consulting
  • MongoDB configuration
  • Architecture Strategy & Design
  • MongoDB Integration
  • Development Support
  • MongoDB Training
  • Business Intelligence

Want to develop iPhone or Android
apps using MongoDB?

MongoDB, based in New York, is helping top companies like Adobe, eBay and Citigroup to manage their databases. And it’s your turn now. To move from the conventional RDBMS to MongoDB. Since 2008, MongoDB has raised over $300 million in equity, which shows investors trust on its success.

A MongoDB Database System is widely-popular for:

Big Data Analytics

High Traffic Apps

Social Networks

Document Oriented Systems

Graph Storage Scenarios


The perfect solution for mobilizing your
apps with NoSQL database

  • We use Xcode and Android SDK to develop robust mobile apps with MongoDB
  • iPhone and Android mobile app development, backed with MongoDB and PaaS
  • Personalization to build a mobile app with seamless customer experience
  • Easily manages the ever changing and expanding database of today’s large enterprise
  • Tweak the data and change the database when required. Its horizontal scaling model makes it flexible and cost-effective for organizations
  • Perfect for large amounts of data, content management and delivery, mobile infrastructure, data hubs and cloud computing

Why Hire Space-O for Your MongoDB Mobile Based Application Development?

MongoDB Migration

When it comes to volume, variety, and velocity data generated often becomes a challenge for many businesses. As larger amounts of data are generated,the increased volume can adversely affect your system’s performance—leading to lop-sided data. The solution we feel works best for all datamigration is through Pelica Migration Services. Using Pelica, we help businesses migrate data from RDBMs like SQL server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle and PostgreSQL to a NoSQL platform with MongoDB. Not only is it easy to use, but it eliminates the risk of migration complexities and eliminates operational inefficiencies
linked with multiple, redundant IT systems.

MongoDB Consulting

The Schema Design or Performance Tuning MongoDB consulting packages Space-O Technologies offers are critical points in the lifecycle of your project. We are able to expedite production, resolve any issues with your MongoDB deployment, save you time and energy, and make your team stronger by providing expert assistance to improve your business’ capabilities.Our expert consultants help you with a full range of services such as application development, migration to MongoDB and scaling existing deployments. Our experience with MongoDB implementations have contributed to our reputation for being top-notch in the innovative of open source extensions to the MongoDB community.

MongoDB Strategy

Database performance and responsiveness including index use, query structure, data models, and application design are affected by several factors including operational factors; particularly architecture and system configuration. To correct these issues, we have created the Real-Time Reporting system that is being used with increasing popularity by retailers throughout the world.

MongoDB Implementation

Having expertise in MongoDB based solutions, our consultants enable you to implement MongoDB solutions. Implementation services from new application development, migrating from SQL databases to MongoDB, and more are readily available to you when working with Space-O.

Manage MongoDB Production

Deployment of a MongoDB based solution needs to be managed and synchronized to multiple activities among development servers , staging servers and production servers. This is an immense task that requires a deep and thorough understanding of MongoDB expertise.The consultants at Space-O have the experience necessary for dealing with these challenges and can easily resolve any issues before they become problems.

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