How Mobile Payment Integration Can Significantly Improve Startup Growth


For the financial health of any app startups, safe payment is crucial. Since, receiving cheques and printing invoices is time consuming and irritating in digital era, the mobile payment integration is solving all these issues by bringing a great convenience for the modern startups of all kinds.

With the launch of Apple pay as well as presence of Paypal, Google Wallet and other payment integration providers, opportunities are increasing for Entrepreneurs for their startup growth. These technologies are building momentum by allow instant transactions after service/product delivery.

These tools not only streamline the billings for Entrepreneurs, but many app startups are already using this technology. Furthermore, the mobile payment apps have become one of the most valuable tools for building successful startup.

Before Digital Era…

You might remember when the way of money transactions were limited. Retailers and wholesalers had to often visit bank and sometimes post office in order to complete the entire payment process.

In fact, businesses had to allocate human resources and valuable time to collect the payments from customers whether in cheque or cash. And, businesses had to deal with maintaining the account, keeping files of records, printing invoices, and so on.

Introduction of Mobile Era…

Apple was first to begun the era of mobile with the release of iPhone and iPad. Now, smartphones have solid connectivity with internet. People have easy access to the financial services.

Today, the mobile payment services have reached to global level with highest security and safety of your fortunes. In short, it’s a win-win situation for both businesses as well as customers with payment integration in mobile apps.

Benefits of Payment Integration in Mobile Apps

You already learnt the significance of mobile payment integration in mobile app development for startup idea. Now, let’s look at the obvious benefits of payment integration in detail.

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They’re Fast and Cost Effective

Mobile app payment gateway integration make the payment process rapid and save a considerable amount of time, resources, and money for both, end-users and businesses.

Perform a service, get paid!

This is how mobile payment integration drive more sales for startups, by disrupting the tradition invoice. This instantaneous process free up Entrepreneurs to focus on where it counts. With extra time on hand, it’s possible to create and try different strategies to win more audience base.

They keep The Cash Flow…Flowing!

You know, it has become difficult for Entrepreneurs to rely on credit, since business credit has been tight from 2008. Being paid immediately after service is what keeps the cash flow coming in, and it’s how app startups survive, grow, and thrive. In fact, payment integration in startup apps save Entrepreneurs from long-term contracts, hidden fees, and offer fast deposits for a fraction of cost.

They’re Convenient For Both Parties

While most Entrepreneurs enjoying life without waiting for payments, customers are also enjoying with a lot of less cash withdrawing and check writing. It’s freedom for both parties. And, at the same time, payment integration help Entrepreneurs protect from cancellations by automatic billing on the cancellation policies.


Mobile payment integration make easier for today’s Entrepreneurs and app startups, and they’re helping to find the independence, flexibility, and support they need by payment gateway integration into mobile apps and turn it into success.

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