Can Mobile Event App Development contribute in Event’s Success?

Not that you’ve imagined but mobile event app development can contribute to a great extent in making the event successful. Not only will it benefit you but it will be equally useful to attendees, sponsors and almost everyone involved.

Want to know how?

Consider you are getting a mobile event app developed with following features and elements:

  1. Schedules: When you have a mobile event app, audiences can exhume the vital event information, i.e. agenda, speakers in case of conferences or bands if it’s a music event, etc. easily from anywhere. So event managers can spread the word about the event without physical or digital distribution of flyers saving time and paper both.
  2. Location and Maps: While majority of mobile apps focus ONLY on offering outdoor navigation (since GPS signals have trouble penetrating through the solid objects of buildings like steel, etc.) you can now choose to provide indoor navigation too, in order to help your audiences quickly find the locations for food, restrooms, stages, etc. along with steering them to the event site. Thanks to iBeacon technology in iOS 7.
  3. Videos: Remember the WWDC app by Apple? Users who were unable to attend the conference can virtually connect with the event by watching session videos. And it is indeed a great idea to target masses that way.
  4. Notifications and Alerts: Event administrators with the help of mobile event app can instantly send the alerts about the last-minute changes, important announcements or weather delays thus helping users to be aware about such updates via push notifications.
  5. Sponsors: Since the usage of mobile event app by attendees increases consistently, there is an ample opportunity to monetize through the mobile event app. Even if you have a single exclusive sponsorship for the event you can still convince the sponsor to invest 2-5 times of the cost of the app, emphasizing on the benefits of getting mobile from attendees’ perspective and not from the price outlook.
  6. Real-Time Session Feedback: In the digital age paper feedback forms are not only outdated and but boring for attendees who tend to “Type and Tap” more these days than to “Write or Tick.” Moreover through an app attendees can instantly provide their feedback in both quantifiable as well as qualitative manner. Besides there is an environmental element too behind getting paperless.
  7. Social Sharing: Sharing photos on facebook, tweeting about the happenings at the event is what people would love to do. You can encourage attendees to share their experiences and pictures on social networks or even run the competition for the best tweet with a particular hash tag (#) related to your event. And adding such a feature in your event app that allows users to tweet or share post on facebook will further boost the chances as well as better the entire event experience for attendees.
  8. Branding: It is very much possible to highlight your brand image alongside promoting event sponsors.

Apart from the ones mentioned above others features and elements can be added for example ability of an app to function in an online and offline mode, etc.

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