Mobile Enterprise Applications
for Transportation Industry

With the advent of today’s fast paced, rapidly changing corporate world, novel technological innovations are being created as we speak. Owing to this, mobility is now a key necessity for every company. In order to adapt successfully to the changing landscape, it has become imperative to embrace the phenomenal concept of enterprise mobility.

Enterprise Mobility:

Enterprise Mobility is the most innovative breakthrough in technological solutions, especially for the corporate world. It is an informational workforce mobilization tool which helps employees stay connected from wherever they are. It also helps consumers perform tasks and carry out routine activities while they are on the go. This is exactly why enterprise mobility is the perfect technological tool for the transportation industry.

Benefits of Mobility

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Increased Productivity

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Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

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Cost Savings

The Transportation Industry:

Not many people realize the fact that, by its very nature, this is a mobile business. First of all, mobile enterprise application can help track employee attendance and hours worked. In fact, these solutions can help track much more than just those basic factors. Stationary terminals that have biometrics or card swipe readers at places like shop floors, warehouses, on field, on the road, etc. can actually help companies to track down where employees are and switch tasks to meet the ever changing needs of their customers.

Furthermore, these applications can also keep track of the extra hours or over time that an employee works because they are completely accurate. A few extra hours may not be of great importance to use but to an employee that extra income means a lot. Thus, enterprise mobility helps maintain accurate payroll records in the transportation industry, as well as generates employee and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, keeping logs and records using traditional pen and paper methods is extremely tedious, inefficient and time consuming. Through custom designed applications, your company can handle record keeping much better than it currently does, and this helps bridge the gap between the head office and the workers on field.

Even the travelling sales force of a company can easily capture customer requirements on the go, and check with the main server for availability of stock. All your supply chain management needs are only a click away with these applications. This is also because we have advanced inventory tracking mechanisms, delivery status updates, radio frequency readers and other supply chain related applications that can be made to suit your needs.

For the customer

Owing to airline servicing applications, passengers remain at ease because of the advanced inventory, luggage and flight status tracking software available in the transportation industry. Furthermore, people can now use these services to book flights, hotel rooms, and even rent vehicles from a remote area. For customers expecting their shipping or cargo to arrive, there is tracking software as well as applications that show when a truck checked in and checked out.

These applications also help remove the time lag between the placing of an order and receiving updates on its progress. This keeps customers satisfied as they are aware of the tracking status throughout the process.

An enterprise mobility partner should:

  • Provide perfect security for the system.
  • Work on feasible mobile enterprise architecture.
  • Develop the design phase in various layers.
  • Cater to a company’s specific needs when designing applications.

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FAQs Transportation Industry FAQs

What do I do if I need more information about these applications?

Set up a free consultation session with us. We will answer every query that you may have.


What are the devices they support?

Custom made applications can support every device you want them to.


What are the software requirements?

Nothing specific. Again, custom designed applications can work on multiple platforms.


What if I want to embrace enterprise mobility in phases?

That is possible. You can ask us to develop mobile applications to perform just a specific function.

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