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Space-O offers mobility solutions that capture the essence of your business needs, and offer value to the end users. We are an end-to-end mobile enablement provider that augments user experience with our expertise in creating secure and real-time mobility solutions.

Before stating how Space-O helps, we would like to explain what mobile enablement is.

Mobile Enablement

Mobile enablement is basically a method in which you can offer support to all the platforms that the customer will be using when working with a mobile app. The variety of devices, their different form factors, operating system version etc. fall in this category. Basically, mobile enablement refers to capabilities needed to manage and support various platforms such as mobile device management, mobile application management, mobile content management, the enterprise workspace, the real-time reporting application and the user. This enablement contains various security options such as secure access from remote locations, IAM (Identity and access management), encryption & policy management, as well as data loss protection.

For an enterprise that allows remote working, and for commercial applications that cater to various data points, this mobile enablement ensures safety and security in all types of transfers and transactions. This is specifically needed in eCommerce apps as they deal with payments and collect details of the customers.

With mobile enablement, you have not just incorporated security in the application, but also managed to increase the efficiency and flexibility of your enterprise by getting it on mobile. With this, you are ready to take on the connected technology ecosystem.

Mobile Enablement Strategy

Space-O helps you realize the immense benefits of mobile technology with our mobile enablement services. We simplify the complex business processes and complicated technology environments with our simple solutions.

Our strategy helps us simplify the tasks, and breakdown the various processes to ensure quicker time-to-market.

✔ Optimize IT and manage the networks
✔ Define the key drivers
✔ Prioritize the devices
✔ Integration of the different platforms, IT solutions, and devices
✔ Security strategy
✔ Development approach
✔ Roadmap for mobile enablement
✔ Application and distribution alignment

With this, we have a clear and well-defined plan set for mobile enablement that helps us proceed with creating the ultimate solution for your enterprise.

Mobile Enablement Solutions

✔ Assessment- Business and Technology Needs
✔ Planning and Design of Single System for data, apps, devices and users
✔ MDM, MAM, MCM, and Reporting System Integration
✔ Integration of Device and Applications
✔ End Point Security
✔ Deployment of Mobile Enablement for Customer & Enterprise Application
✔ Testing
✔ Launch, Support, and Maintenance

Mobile Enablement Benefits

✔ Increased operational efficiency
✔ Easy scalability
✔ Easy to integrate different mobile devices and operating systems
✔ Data capturing easy
✔ Remote accessibility
✔ End-point security
✔ Real-time information availability
✔ Better decision-making capabilities
✔ Easy reporting and analysis

The Space-O Advantage

With such immense benefits offered by Mobile enablement, it should be part of your IT strategy. Space-O offers exclusive solutions for mobile enablement that helps take your enterprise further, making it future-proof. With our able solutions, the mobile worker benefits, and is more productive thus increasing overall efficiency.

We have been developing innovative solutions that are unique to your business needs and individual goals. Increased revenue and better profits are key benefits of partnering with us for mobile enablement solutions.

We have a dedicated team that works towards improving your enterprise by eliminating the challenges and capitalizing the opportunities. The right skills, the perfect innovation capabilities, and the tools that back us up, help us give you quality solutions with reduced turnaround time.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your workforce and make your enterprise productive, and secure, connect with us with your requirement. We will help you get the best-in-class solution.

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