Mobile Broadcast App Solutions – Changing the Face of Media Industry as well as User Experience


Are you wondering how on-demand has been rapidly replaced with on-go?

Are you also wondering how mobile broadcast app solutions can actually contribute to enterprise mobility?

A few points to consider for the first question:

  • With thousands of mobile devices inundating the market every day, consumers demand more engaging, interactive and customized broadcast experience
  • The eminent 4G would mean streaming broadcast on mobile devices leading to higher quality content and immersive experience
  • The higher the consumer demands, the more acute the need to have mobility solutions for media industry that help professionals deliver more on-go content

Coming to the second question, let us explore how mobile broadcast app solutions can change the way you deliver the broadcast content.

The pre-requisite to get the tailored mobility solutions for media, that is mobile broadcast app solutions to be precise, you need to partner with a technology expert firm like Space-O. Following are some of the benefits that a broadcasting organization gets while working with companies like Space-O:

  • The first direct benefit is your employees can upload any video content from anywhere in the world – thereby catering to the needs of want-it-now culture and measuring up to the expectations of breaking-news era
  • It also gives end users an opportunity to be part of your organization. That is they may be encouraged to speak up and contribute to the society meaningfully. This not only increases your customer base, but also gives you an opportunity to work with some of them on a free-lance or volunteering basis
  • Such mobility solutions for broadcasters require minimum integrations and hence it becomes faster for the broadcaster to reach the market. This opens up quicker and newer source of revenue
  • There are number of users who do not have access to TV or they do not want to have an access to TV as they are highly dependent on mobile devices or tablets. Mobility solutions for media enables broadcasters to reach this segment of audience through the scalable platform
  • Increasing the mobility of your enterprise, mobility solutions for media industry also empowers you to access usage reports, service reports, account statistics, real time performance of the employees as well as user behavior even when you are on the go

Depending upon your preferences, you can get such mobile applications developed on iOS or Android platform. They can also be pre-loaded in mobile devices.

Since the introduction of color-TV, TV on the go has been one of the greatest broadcast revolutions that has happened to end users. And, it is in tune to this revolution, broadcasters have this new challenge of delivering their content in a way they have never imagined before.

Mobile broadcast app solutions are the means to achieve the end consumer expectations. But, in doing so, they also address enterprises’ need to be more mobile and flexible with their work culture and business operations.

Space-O perfectly understands these two major functions of mobile broadcast app solutions for media industry. We at Space-O have varied experience of working with media companies and can understand the unique demands of this highly dynamic industry.

Contact us right now, and let mobility solutions for media industry make you and your end users mobile in literal and metaphoric sense.


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