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Around 500 million smartphone users worldwide have used healthcare applications regularly by 2015 and it is expected that 1.7 billion mobile users to use mHealth Apps on a fairly regularly basis by 2018.

Just like in banking and education, the smartphone and tablet are changing the healthcare industry. The mobile revolution is truly underway- the way we access healthcare services to manage our own health.

Even Medical industry experts have recognized healthcare is one of the most under-served industries in terms of mobile app technology, regardless of its huge contribution to economic growth and personal well-being.

How Mobile Applications Engage and Retain Patients Base?

Whether it is wellness, fitness, healthcare, or medicine, technology brings changes in every piece of the health industry. With an introduction of new technologies, it’s amazing to see how they can transform entire industries quickly by realizing everyone that how far one can go.

The health industry has been defined by pioneering technology for many years. However, there are many different factors affecting the health industry transformation, much of it seems to start with – what else?

With the growing adoption of health and medical applications, the amount of health data is blowing up. All thanks to portable, wearable, and user-friendly devices that using smart sensors to capture and transmit different biometric data. As we all know that mobile applications are engaging and retaining patients base, so there are many doctors recommending to use an app for different purposes. Check the graph for more details.graphAbout 80% of the physicians are now using an app in their daily routine, and amongst them about 90% of physicians use it daily, for professional purposes. The development of EHR apps and other healthcare mobile applications have been pumped in these days that can make the healthcare process mainstream and organized.

How Mobile Applications Transform the Healthcare Industry?

Improve Patient Engagement
Complexity, long lines, lack of transparency of quality, etc. discourages patient engagement. Having medical application minimizes complexity. Suppose, you are using a medication reminder application, it knows how many tablets you have taken and when you have to take your next pills.

Reduced Healthcare Fraud
An increase in the number of patient access to healthcare also results in huge medical cost and frauds. With the help of digital health care system, frauds can minimize around $60 billion annually. Mobile applications are best to trace people and transactions that ultimately minimizes frauds.

Instant Healthcare Service
Without any wait, mobile technology delivers patients a quick way to access doctor’s advice or treatment information. It is useful for rural areas, where patients haven’t found physicians or limited access to them.

Moreover, it is also helpful when patients are unable to visit the physicians because of chronic diseases. It enables patients and physicians to decide whether a visit to them is essential or not. Giving better care, checking prescriptions, monitoring improvements, etc. become easy with mobile healthcare app.

Under the Bonnet of Space-O Technologies

Inside Five Pharma is another reputed iOS application, dispensing quality services to the Pharmaceutical & Allied Sectors. This application enables user to stay updated with the latest GMP Regulations, key GxP legislation and related Pharma Industry Guidance Documents.

Inside Five Pharma gives monthly updates of all the needed regulations in all the major regions such as: India, China, EU, US and soon.

Developed by Space-O Technologies, SidelineMD application provides you direct access to the sports medicine specialists whenever users needed.

With SidelineMD, users can upload custom athlete profiles, communicate directly with top sports injury specialists, share data with parents and administrators, a track of your athlete’s recovery and so on.

Not limited to two healthcare applications, we have created awe-inspiring health and fitness portfolio with different types of healthcare applications, including fitness, medical, weight-loss, etc.

Bells and whistles aren’t our things, we deliver a solid user experience and high ROI. We work for startups and enterprises, contact us to discuss your idea.


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