How Mobile Apps For Business Is Becoming A Necessity?


Smartphones! They are becoming a craze for those who know how to utilize its full potential. Businesses, established or new, banks, news channels & newspapers and many more are all thriving on the basis of the apps they develop. Mobile apps for business is becoming as important as the website.

Still not getting the point? Here’s a sample…

Think about yourself. You may be an entrepreneur, a head chef, a housewife or a corporate woman. Your day is about to start; one more morning of tedious work and you get a message, on whatsapp, that the office just got called off for the day due to immense rain.

Think about it! Would you have given a call to your office inquiring about the status? Would they have spend their time and money on calling and or messaging every single employee? The Whatsapp ‘app’ just made life simpler and became a cost and time effective solution.

Many of us who live amidst the storm of mobile apps, know its full potential and also know that for years to come this storm will get more and more intense instead of dying away eventually.

Why is a Smartphone important?

It’s Omnipresent:
If you come to think of it, smartphones are like Gods. They are present everywhere, with everyone and at all points of time. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, as of October 2014: 64% of American adults own a smartphone.
As of January 2014: 90% of American adults own a cell phone.

More than that the number of internet users from mobile is more than that of desktop users. See the below graph.
Mobile vs Desktop Internet Usage

It’s Smart:
There’s nothing you don’t know about it but even as we know it, most people do not pay attention to it. This smartphone can be your support in climbing the stairs of success. You need to take this platform seriously, or risk getting left behind. Facebook has had a mobile app for ages now however every other week there is an update waiting for FB users. Whatsapp on the other hand is now engulfing every feature in other conversational/communicational apps, that it doesn’t have. From voice messages to free calls now Whatsapp has it all.

How Can A Mobile App Elevate Your Business?

Internet of Things (IoT):

With the IoT coming into picture, it is getting impossible for businesses to get away or stay away from technology. Especially technology that is fast, smart and mobile. According to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, “Companies are already beginning to find ways of using IoT as a catalyst for unique improvements to the efficiency of their operations, and are beginning to experience reductions in the cost of producing goods and services for their customers, as well as many other benefits.”

Engaging Directly with Customers:

A company or a cafe or a news channel, earlier could only hope for their customers to reach them, as they had no control over anything. Now however, with an app anyone can make a direct contact with their customers. Now, however, there is a way in which the business houses can control their clients/ customers and even compel them to buy a product.

No! it is not an advertisement. You can utilize an attractive, useful and user friendly app to lure in traffic and leads. Using this strategy any company can make direct communication.

Responsive Website or Mobile Website is after all a Website:

So it finally happened. Google itself made the law and has established it too. Any company that isn’t mobile friendly, will not get mentioned in google searches that are done through mobile phones. After this news broke out like an epidemic, most of the companies are driving towards being mobile friendly. They are now converting their websites into a mobile website, which means that the pages will be properly formatted and will not look distorted.

However, with these websites too, can you really get what you want? They will surely get to your website, but will they remember you? Using an app, you can stay on your consumers’ mobile screens and thereby in their minds forever.

For eg: Uber, is a very famous app. Well actually it has a website too but you remember the app. Why? Because it gives you the best user experience and is helpful in the best way possible. Uber is getting most attention, business and money from its app only because customers heavily rely on Uber app.

Apps Will Decide Your Product’s Success:

Reading the above mentioned points, surely you have understood that without mobile apps, there is no solution to your issue. Also, mobile apps are for startups as much as they are important for established companies. Small or Big Business, every business have started developing a mobile app.

According to TechCrunch, “Mobile apps have been playing an important role in the product experience for some time now. Consumer expectations around product apps are expanding to include even the most complex goods and industries. These consumers want new and innovative ways to use products, and the right product apps can provide that. A good mobile app can simplify the complex, and this is what companies should aim to do when developing theirs.

Wrapping Up!

Mobile apps have been the masterstroke every business house are playing to keep afloat in the stream of success. However, there are still a few firms who choose to go the ‘old school’ style. With Google’s’ announcement, there is an avalanche of scurrying and movement towards mobility. ‘App for Everything,’ is on the verge of becoming a reality, proving that apps are no more a luxury but a necessity.


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