Mobile Application Development and 8 Facts You Must Care and Share with Others


Below mentioned are the significant facts, you can use to plan and strategize your mobile application development.


  1. 42 per cent of mobile app developers opt for iOS first while 31 per cent for Android. Further those who are not into either of mobile app development, i.e. Android or iOS, generate half the revenue of those are.
  2. Although advertising turns out to be the most popular revenue model for apps, preferred by 38 per cent of mobile app developers, it yields the least revenue per app as per the report by Vision Mobile. While In-App Purchases (IAP) is the 2nd most popular monetization model on iOS, with 37 per cent of mobile app developers using it.But that is not all; in-app purchase will have huge contributions in app success if we follow the predictions by Juniper Research. According to them, mobile users will spend over $6 billion for in-app purchase in 2016 only via smartphone while tablet users’ contribution will be around $3.03 billion by that time which is 10 times more than the figure ($301 million) in 2012.Another important thing to be taken into account is that mobile users will make more (almost double) in-app purchases from smartphones than on tablets.
  3. 4 out of every 5 minutes spent using mobile media are spent within applications.
  4. Millennials are 262 per cent more likely than the average consumer to be influenced by smartphone apps when making brand decisions. (Source:
  5. Mobile applications generated $15.1 Billion in revenue in 2012. Detailed Report can be downloaded from CMOCouncil.Org
  6. Americans spend 129.4 Billion minutes per month on mobile apps and there are over 101.8 million Americans who use mobile apps. (Source:
  7. An average person’s number of actively used apps has tripled over the last 4 years from about 7 to 23 mobile apps. (Source:
  8. As per Gartner, over 50 per cent of mobile applications deployed will be hybrid.

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