Be Up-to-Date With These Mobile App UI Design Ideas

While creating an app, it is important that one keeps in mind a few things, especially if you want to make a top charting one. Some of those things are; navigation flow, outlook, logo, title and more. But even amongst them, the most important features are User Interface and User Experience.

If the app does not give you a good and easy experience, in operating the app, then there is no point to the apps’ brilliance. The user won’t stay on the app long enough to even know how good the app is. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, it is the same with apps. And apps’ first impression is its User experience and User Interface.

Knowing this fact, people, developers, are paying more attention to this area of the app development process. There are some mobile app UI designs that have been given prominence for the app to be better. Let’s have a look at these best app designs:

The Popular UI/UX Designs

Material Design

Material Design
Launched last year at Google’s I/O conference, material design trump the list, by the mid- 2015. It is helpful in making the user’s experience positive, simple and integrated. As an extension of the flat style of design, Material design does bring in some changes. The Android Lollipop OS is build on material design concept. Some versions of apps like Evernote, Telegram, Lyft, Tumblr, QuickPic, and others have been updated with the material design.

Motion Design

Motion Design Image: Guillotine Menu

As the name itself suggests, this design bases itself upon movemental UI and UX. These movements from one screen of the navigation flow to another, should follow a logical stream of thought. Motion Design’s animation is quick, catchy and responsive to the action in hand. The transition in zooming, refreshing and other such minor activities are smooth.

Tab Bar Animation

Tab Bar Animation
Making the tab bar interesting and animated, Tab Bar Animation, is one of the most important UI/UX designs as well. Using this design one can make the icons on the tab bar come to life. It has transitions like Bounce, Frameitem, Fume, Rotation, TransitionItem. These are all the ways in which one can animate icons using Tab Bar Animation. Allows a user manage an app with one hand.

Flat UI Design

Flat Design
While there were still people who loved designs like Tab Bar Animation and Motion design, there were still people who love and adore simplicity as it is. It is because of this that the Flat UI Design survived, across time. The transition from one page to another happens in a simple, uncomplicated and clear way. The simplicity of this UI makes sure that less bugs take place in operating it.


TypographyImage: yalantis

Icons and their UI Design is a different matter altogether. But then comes the text that represents a page or names the icon and more. With new shapes and sizes of devices coming into picture, like Apple watch, Smartphone of all sizes, iPad, Tabs and more, typography matters as well. It is important to establish a certain hierarchical order in which fonts to use while writing what, and typography offers many such options to choose from.

Gaussian Blur Effect

Gaussian Blur Effect Image: superdevresources

Blurring the background object had its own positive points, including the fact that the user’s vision clears up and what needs to be highlighted does get highlighted. One such UI Design that helps in making both of these things come true is; Gaussian blur effect.

Wrapping Up!

There are many more types of mobile app UI designs that basically help in enhancing the user experience, by making it eye-pleasing and user friendly. But these are the most important and famous designs that users have been responding well to. While behind a good app are many factors like the idea, the navigation flow, the development and more. But it is the look, the way any feature works, the way it operates and the way it responds, is what matters the most.

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