Give a dynamic view to your static applications with Space-O Technologies’ Mobile App Prototyping service. Saddle up your idea with our creative specialists for a better approach and result-driven app solution.

Mobile app development begins with mobile app prototyping. A team of creative designers and developers work to create the apt mobile prototype to give a look and feel of the original app solution. The static wireframes that have been designed with a great deal of thought can be converted into dynamic, interactive and intuitive prototypes with this service. Basically, we present a live-preview of your app, much before it is developed.

Mobile app prototyping helps understand what works for the app, and what doesn’t. It also helps understand the usability of the app from the end user’s perspective.

Prototyping Tools that Work

Numerous prototyping tools are readily available that can convert your static screens to dynamic apps. Here we will talk of few tools that have been used by numerous developers to quickly transform their ideas into dynamic prototypes.

  • Flinto
  • InVision
  • Marvel
  • Codiqa
  • POP
  • UXPin
  • FluidUI
  • MockingBot
  • Justinmind
  • FieldTest
  • Mockabilly
  • Antetype
Mobile app prototyping tools

Growing Need for Customized Solutions

When the market is flooded with ready-to-use DIY tools, why is there a need for personalized and customized prototyping solutions? If this question hit your mind, read on.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all”. This is probably why customized solutions have become the need of the hour. The main aim of prototyping services is to enhance the user experience and improve app usability. The end user that you are targeting and the personalized experience that you are planning to give your user requires prototyping solutions that differ from what your contemporary requires. While the DIY tools will help you create the dynamic screens, they may not be able to give the usability to the screens that you are looking for. The drag n drop standard gestures may not function for your purpose, which is why a custom solution is what you should be looking for.

Customized Mobile App Prototyping Solutions

Our Approach

Defined by best practices, we have created an approach to give you the best custom mobile app prototype design

Creating the User Story: It’s when you start visualizing your app that you can actually create a prototype for it. We start with visualizing your idea and creating a story for the app

Sketching your App Idea: Once the story is ready, we start sketching rough images of how your app should be like. We define your screens, unleashing our imagination. Our creative team sits with the development team to work on the visuals for your idea

Create the Wireframe: What has been sketched is now taken to the computer. We design these screens using the different tools that we have talked about

We then visualize the usability and other functionality that you wish to add to your mobile app and accordingly convert your static screens to dynamic with our prototyping skills

custom mobile app prototype design approach

Prototyping Services we Offer

Mobile App Prototyping Services

Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile App Digital Design

Mobile App Digital Design

Website Prototyping

Website Prototyping

Sketching and Wireframe design

Sketching and Wireframe design

Why Space-O Technologies?

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our understanding of the end customer. We know what they are visualizing, and what they aim to achieve from their app prototypes.

Our dedicated team of creative specialists collaborates with you to design the prototype solution that magnifies your needs and helps you get what you visualized. With years of experience and team of prototyping experts, we have designed many app prototypes from a basic idea that has translated into customer satisfaction.

Our vivid ideas and brilliant storytelling capabilities help us make dynamic solutions for you. To get our all-inclusive app building service, get in touch with us. Send a requirement and our experts will get in touch with you.

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