Mobile App Industry’s Truths That Are No More True


The mobile app industry is gloating and suffocating itself in truths that are no more true. If these false truths aren’t exposed, then the whole mobile app development industry will collapse.

Just a few articles ago, we mentioned the myths that have until now defined the startups and now have fallen face down. And now comes the turn of the app industry itself that is facing a crisis because of the misunderstanding that pseudo truths have created. As they say, it takes very little strength to walk into this industry, but to remove the fairy dust from the eyes and then survive and stick to the ratio of success of an app in an appstore, is difficult.

Well myths are a hard concept to deal with in a way, as they have been given the position of truth. And then the bubble castle comes tumbling down.

So, what are the truths of the mobile app industries that are not truths any more? Here is a brief on what those false-truths are and how to grow above and beyond them.

Big Clientele will get you the ROI

The major question to be ask right now is, where exactly does the concept of clientele comes from? It comes from the analysis of the number of downloads that this app has had. But what if you decipher that out of the 500,000 people downloading the app, only a 100 actually used it or made transaction out of it? So out of the total 500,000 downloads your clientele is a 100. And it is from this clientele that the ROI is decided.

Considering the previous definition of clientele, which is everyone and anyone who downloads the app, the above mentioned point is proven incorrect. ROI doesn’t depend on these clientele.

Good Marketing Strategy will make your Product Stand High

The possibility that needs to be contemplated first and foremost is that what sort of an app do you have or do you want to make? If it is an enterprise app, then you do not need to market the app to the college kids. As even if you do market it successfully to them, they are not your final target audience. So marketing might be good but making sure that the marketing is target audience centric, might save your money and might actually create a good database of important clientele.

Stay Away from the Established Apps

Nope you shouldn’t. Truthfully saying, barely any idea is original, including yours. Which means that you are coming down to competing the already existent companies that have been dominating the field. When that is so, it is better to walk down the red carpet walk to the appstore with the support of some ground research of the existent market situation. Don’t run away from competition; embrace it and move on. Don’t let the competitors scare you.

Just Build a Solid Product

This may be thousandth time that a Space-O article is mentioning this, but until you learn, we repeat. So even now, people have that tendency of believing the medieval thought of “If we build well, the consumers will tag along.

Once again, they will not. If the consumers do not know about the product how can they come or how can they buy or use an app. It is important to market the app, in the right way, with the right strategy so that the right customers get to see you and your app.

Entrepreneurs are the Selected Few

Everyone can be an entrepreneur. Well obviously you do need to work a little hard if you do not belong to the tech industry and want to own an app. Yes it will be difficult to find a good team, sketch a nice app idea and then to finally execute the same. But it is not impossible.

As Barney, from How I Met Your Mother Says it’s ‘Possimpible.’ Now then it depends on you which side you lean on; ‘possible’ or ‘impossible,’ and move ahead. Anyone and everyone can be entrepreneurs so far as they have the skill and the confidence.

Change is impossible to avert and change has taken place in the mobile app development industry. All we have to wait for is to see how much time it takes for people of the industry or people who are about to plunge in the industry to accept these changes. It is important to stay away from these old-fashion beliefs and make room for new policies, which will be followed by success.

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