Mobile App Development – Past, Present and Future


Everyone is aiming on mobile app development today but everyone has not got the reliable base for their mobility strategy. Through this blog post we intend to equip all the app publishers, sellers and others into the business to formulate their robust strategies based on the dependable data gathered by the credible experts and research agencies.

The facts that we are sharing will answer majority of questions we all have in our minds, some of which include following:

    1. What is the magnitude of audience who use apps?
      As per the estimates by Portio Research (published in March 2013), 1.2 billion people across the world used mobile applications by the end of the year 2012. This figure is expected to rise by 29.8% each year, to touch 4.4 billion users by the end of the year 2017. Also there are implications that half of this growth (half of the app users) will be from Asia, by the end of the year 2017. (See the image below)
mobile app development today
    1. Which activities do Smartphone users perform?
      Well “A picture is worth a thousand words” so take a look at the graph based on the Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report published in February 2013.
mobile app development today
  1. How do you make money from apps?
    Users are less willing and likely, to pay up-front for mobile applications they have not even used. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the chart based on the figures revealed by the Gartner in September 2012.

    mobile app development today

    Mobile app sellers and publishers planning to monetize through their apps must consider other ways that may include advertising or In-App Purchase (IAP).

    Gartner advises app publishers to gain and retain customer loyalty and satisfaction through superior app performance and design, even while they aim to make money via IAP. More details at

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