Mobile App Development Myths DEMYSTIFIED


Mobile app development industry is growing by leaps and bounds yet there are some myths that are required to be debunked. This is because clients who are misinformed about a few aspects have to bear the profit loss very often for not being able to capitalize the mobile app development opportunity up to its total leverage.

So which are the common myths related with mobile app development?

Myth 1: It costs a huge amount to create mobile apps: The amount to be spent on mobile app development really depends upon the functionality, engineering complexity, and the type of Smartphone app you may want for your business or brand. For example, basic table apps have no complex architecture and are therefore inexpensive.

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Myth 2: A mobile app idea has to be intellectually brilliant: Not necessarily an idea has to be brilliant; you can adopt the whole concept or an aspect of your mobile app from the real life even if it is weird, insane or ridiculously amazing. The epic example to discuss here would be of “Angry Birds.” The idea of choosing sickly green pigs for the birds’ enemy cropped out of the real life occurrence of swine-flu outbreak that dominated the news when the game was created.

Myth 3: Mobile apps created quickly are not quality: This is the one of the greatest misbeliefs. Not only one can create mobile apps quickly but he can make plenty of money out of it. Yes it is very much possible with re-skinning apps and games. And here is why you must consider reskinning mobile apps and games.

Myth 4: Once Mobile app is developed and launched on App Store, your job is done. There are over 900,000 iOS apps in the Apple App Store, 1 Million in Google Play and 160,000 in Windows Store; and many of those apps are never even downloaded. This doesn’t imply that such apps are junk, there is a high likeliness that these apps are undiscovered by the audience. So there’s a great need for mobile app marketing along with development.

Myth 5: In-house mobile app development is the ONLY way to keep the idea protected. It is very sensible to protect the mobile app development idea, however, in-house mobile app development is not the ONLY way to do so. In fact, in-house mobile app development demands huge capital investment of time and money against the outsourcing model where clients can enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the service provider in order to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets.

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