Mobile App Development and 5 Considerations to Make Before Getting Started


Mobile app development is a great business but a risky affair too. As appreneurs, you must therefore consider following factors before getting started.

    1. Is Your Mobile App Development aimed for Branding or Business? When you are planning to create mobile app for branding purposes, you will not have to work upon monetization strategy unlike is the case with a mobile app developed to earn money, i.e. building branded mobile app requires a different approach from making mobile app to earn cash that instead requires a detailed strategy and implementation.For branded mobile app development you can take reference from existing apps on App Stores and try to design mobile app that serves your brand as well as the need of the user some way. While coding mobile app for earning monies requires additional aspects to consider. For example, you will have to contemplate mobile that may help you target global audiences and other such options that may help in mobile app monetization.


    1. Should You Create iPhone Apps or Develop Android Apps or Both? Everyone knows iPhone and Android Apps have duopoly. However, if you have cost constraints then choose to develop mobile app for one platform. A wise decision would be to go for iPhone app development if you are aiming to make money. Having said that you should not underestimate the opportunities with android application development and the fact that most mobile devices are powered by the Android.


    1. Should You Build Free or Paid Mobile Apps? Launching a paid mobile app requires users to pay upfront without even using it that everyone is not willing or prepared of. While if you take a review of the top apps on the App Stores, you will find a maximum of free apps. Making a free mobile app doesn’t mean you can’t monetize out of it. You can integrate mobile ad networks; create freemium apps with In-App Purchase (IAP) feature.


    1. What Category of Mobile Apps You should be creating? Keeping a track of what is popular among users will lend you the great insight about the market demand. Visit the app store and see which categories are more rewarding? For example, games are currently the hottest category of mobile apps, so you can focus more on creating mobile games if you want to earn profits.


  1. Should you bet high stakes for Developing Mobile Apps? Analyze and assess the stakes you are going to put in your mobile app development venture. Initially, when you have fewer funds it is advisable to create small mobile apps than investing in one big project. You can also consider reskinning of mobile apps.

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