Mental Health Apps Development: Consider 3 Solutions by Basis App


This blog includes information for mental health-focused startups & entrepreneurs. Read on three solutions by Basis, mental health app, which you can consider during mental health apps development.

The wellness and health sector is growing as it has exploded with $3.7 trillion in size. However, as the craze increases, the users or consumers, mental & wellness startups, and corporations are likely to invest in this sector. Well, wellness refers to physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing. And, the mental and wellness niche is gaining momentum across all other sectors.

According to the report from CB Insights, companies are now focusing on treatments options for areas like substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress. Here is an image of the mental tech health annual global VC financing history. The mental health sector was on the full swing in 2015-16. However, investors are also investing in mental health and wellness sector due to its growth.

The wellness sector includes further subcategories, including mental wellness, health & fitness, and sleep tech. So, there is a new mental health app, which is based on mental health named as Basis. Well, this app is already in the limelight due to its Co-founder, Andrew Chapin, who was the former executive at Uber.

As per the report from TechCrunch, “The mental health app, Basis, has launched with $3.75 million investment that led by Bedrock.” Moreover, Wave Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners have also participated in the round.

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Basis: The Mental Health App

The mental health American startup, Basis, is meant to help its app users to cope up with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues via guided conversations through chat or video. The former Uber’ executive, Andrew Chapin, built the Basis app with co-founder and chief science officer Lindsay Trent, who was a former research psychologist at Stanford University.

  • Basis is the research-based app to dealing with people’s lives challenging moments with allowing same-day access to trained specialists.
  • With Basis app, users can schedule 45-minute phone calls with unlicensed providers for $35.

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  • The platform, Basis, is created to offer an affordable, convenient alternative to paying hundreds of dollars an hour for a therapist.
  • The Basis app works with unlicensed health professionals, who have trained in research-backed approaches. It means that app users can book same-day sessions for themselves.
  • Furthermore, Basis also provides six pathways, including work, social, school, parenting, finances, parenting, and relationships.

Being a mental health startup, if you are ready to create a successful mental health app, it is worth to check out important solutions by Basis.

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Top 3 Solutions by Basis, Which Mental Health Startups Can Consider While Developing Successful Mental Health Apps

1. A Different Yet Modern Approach

Mainly, mental health apps help users to work through stress, anxiety or depression. The mental health apps do help its app users to face the real challenges. Mental health is a vast and important matter more than anything. So, it is also important not to neglect to work on the crux of the app, which is “approach”.

The mental health app, Basis, is based on different yet modern approach and named as the evidence-based approach. First, it is all important to know briefly about the evidence-based approach.

What is an Evidence-based Approach?

This approach means the best available scientific evidence about what actually works. This approach works on the approach when Approach A works better than Approach B, but a clinician’s intuition tells to use Approach B. And, it is always going towards the side of research evidence. In today’s world, it is difficult to know what is exactly getting as a customer.

The evidence-based approach believes that every treatment works for every person. So, it works on the latest treatment available. Without seeing results, sufferers waste time.

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The mental health apps like Basis has analyzed the problems and provided solutions, which are based on the evidence approach. The platform offers its app users to access trained specialists to help them work through stress, depression or anxiety.

All you just need to provide your customers with solutions, which actually work for them. If you would like to create successful mental health apps like Basis, then you need to consider such powerful solution for your app users.

2. Easy & Same-Day Solutions to Users

One of the important points, which can’t be missed is to offer easy and same-day solutions to your app users or customers, which you can consider while developing mental health apps. So, it is important to allow your customers to schedule the time of consulting with mental health specialists. By providing this, you provide convenience to your customers or app users.

The Basis app allows guided conversation to its app users with trained specialists, which will help them to feel and function better. To provide ease and same day solutions to your consumers, you can provide them on-demand audio and video consultations whenever they would feel to consult their therapists.

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Being a mental & wellness startup, you just need to make the whole process easy for your users. So, it is all important to provide on-demand or same-day solutions in terms of sessions for all their problems. Long story short, you need to take extra care of providing solutions to your app users with an easy, convenience and same day or on-demand solutions to your app users.

3. Fills The Gap Between Mental Sufferers & Therapists

Basis app has found on the problem of finding a clinician who provides the best practices according to research and implements all of the components in a correct manner. However, the mental apps like Basis have focused on the efforts to bridge the gap between science and practice.

Before developing mental health apps like Basis, one thing is cleared that you provide solutions, which will fill the gap between mental sufferers or app users and therapists. Once your users or customers feel lighter and better after completing sessions, then you can also provide them with the quick session takeaways, where they can get the complete idea of their sessions.

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Additionally, the Basis model dramatically reduces the cost without sacrificing outcomes. The Basis app delivers the evidence-based approach in a super convenient experience, which actually fits into the lives of app users who need it.

Are You as a Mental Health & Wellness Tech Startup Ready to Take a Plunge into Developing Mental Health App?

Being a mental health & wellness tech or American startup, if you have ever thought of creating mental health app, then it is worth watching the data as it comprises the latest trends of mental health apps across the worldwide. Since 2004, the searches of mental health apps have been increasing. When it comes to the interest over the region, the top regions are Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Interest Over Time –


Interest Over Region –


Well, the basic idea lies is that allowing your users or sufferers to call therapists on their terms as they call their best friends in need. After going through this, if the mental health app idea popped up into your mind, then you can cross-verify it with any full stack developer from the trusted mobile app development agency.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding mental health apps development or how much does it cost to create health apps or mental wellness apps? how long does it take to create an app, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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