Note These 3 Lessons From Journey Live (Top Meditation App) To Get an Idea For Your Own Meditation App Development


Want to develop a Meditation app? In this blog, we have curated some lessons from Journey LIVE (top meditation app) that health and wellness startups can consider during meditation app development.

In today’s world, people are forgetting the importance of mental peace. The human body is affected mostly by the outrageous thoughts and stress. A different angle to all these mind worries is opened in the form of “meditation apps.”  They are the most trending ones in the digital space and also getting good deals from investors. Some best meditation apps are Headspace app, calm, top mindfulness apps, which have played an influential role in the current meditational wave.

Sitting ideally with eyes closed isn’t fun, but it’s good for human brains. We often dislike meditation as much as exercising. But to make it more fun, there is another app invention Journey LIVE. To compete alongside Calm app, Journey Live is the first group meditating app. The iOS app development of Journey Live is a subscription-based with unlimited access to Live classes.

“Meditation means the recognition or the discovery of one’s own true self”- Sri Chinmoy

According to the latest news from AlleyWatch, the Journey LIVE meditation app has recently raised $2.4M in seed funding, led by Canaan with participation from Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, Betaworks, BDMI, The Fund, Nelstone Ventures, NewYork Venture Partners, and angel investors.

Now, let’s understand the basic need of such meditational health and wellness apps by observing the following stats by


The United States is one of the most populous countries, with the health crisis. The market value of health and wellness app is on a rise. In 2015, it was valued at about 166.5 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 179 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

There is definitely a broader scope of more such mind calming and health tracking apps. People want to live more, earn more, and enjoy life to the fullest. The meditation apps have become a meditation studio in the palm of a hand. Let us understand some basic lessons from Journey LIVE app that can help wellness startups and entrepreneurs to create seamless meditation apps like Calm and HeadSpace.

Don’t Miss Out 3 Brilliant Lessons From Journey Live (Meditation App) for Your Meditation App Startup

#1 Avail Coaching From Experienced Teachers

Journey LIVE app is a genuine platform to interact with a user’s favorite teacher, who can guide a correct meditative practice and answer the queries immediately. This mindfulness app makes sure that online meditation seekers get the best health treatment.  

The mind fitness app has filtered teachers who are from different backgrounds, each of which has a unique perspective on meditation. So, the Journey LIVE, meditation and wellness app, is a meditative healing platform for people with all kinds of mental peace problems.


Make sure that you as a health and fitness app startup include experienced and reliable mentors. The mentors can actually be your app’s stand out point, they can engage more users through their market presence and relevancy in real-time.

#2 Live Classes Round The Clock

Now, to understand this lesson, ask yourself a question, will you ever visit a cloth shop where there is no one to consult you about the quality and its correct usage? Probably, no. You will also tell other people not to visit the shop. Keep this example in mind while developing a meditation app.


Journey LIVE, the app’s name itself suggests that something is available live 24/7. Meditational exercises have to be made engaging and fun. Until and unless your target audience is not pleased by the mental health and fitness app, they will not return to your online address. This meditation app makes sure that their users use the app by providing live classes and generating curiosity for the next meditative class with the preferred mentor.   

#3 Meditating Together With a Global Community Support

At first, to master the meditation art is quite tough. People are in a lot of stress and anxiety issues when it comes to overthinking. Journey LIVE, a meditation app, made sure that the users should not feel isolated and alone.

In this fast-moving world, there are people who genuinely are in search of mental peace. The mindfulness app has shown a very nice gesture to its users in the form of “support community.” Here a user can share experiences and can take his own accountability which makes the everyday meditation easy.

top meditation apps

Knowing that you are not alone in this makes life easier. Human connection is the most accurate power that makes things possible and boosts the morals. Being a wellness startup, always remember adding some or the other way a “community chat” where the people can share their emotional journey towards health rejuvenation.


“Wellness” is demanding new innovations and products to promote a healthy lifestyle. The urge of looking best and a better version of oneself is pushing the health standards very hard. Mindfulness apps like Calm, Headspace, and Journey LIVE can be made easier if you know the exact health and fitness genre to offer.

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