Matchmaking App Development: 3 Powerful Lessons from Tudder, Tinder like app for Cows

This blog is for those matchmaking and dating startups, who are planning to develop Tinder like app for cows and cattle. Herein we have curated 3 powerful lessons from Tudder that startups can consider during matchmaking app development.

“Dating with no intent to marry is like going to the grocery store with no money. You either leave unhappy or take something that isn’t yours.”- Jefferson Bethke

With an outrageous market of mobile app development, there is no such service or product that does not get exposure and brand identity with successful revenue generation through this online tactic. There are unique ideas that make this space creative and still, there is a lot to experiment. Recently, one of such rare app development has been seen in the form of “Tudder.” Let’s know more about it.  

Tudder App- Matchmaking App Development For Cows

The trend of dating apps is not just up to human connections and matchmaking. It is much more for farming startups, it helps a farmer for “cattle breeding.” Tudder has turned the table for apps like Tinder. Such innovative matchmaking mobile app development outshines the cluttered space of apps similar to Tinder and OkCupid.

This mobile app for cow breeding is a real-time savior for farming startups and a great opportunity to make revenue through farming as well as cattle subscriptions through app.

Let us talk about the overall worldwide cattle population, which will give you a straight forward idea about the scope of cattle apps in the mobile app market. The graph is a report generated by The global cattle population in 2018 was 996.36 million animals which in 2019 is said to reach 1007.26 million animals.


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Now, seeing these growing stats, there is a lot to discover for farming startups for their farm animals health, mating, and food habits or more. There can be an app for anything and everything in the world. People are accepting mobile apps with open hearts. If you are having an idea on matchmaking app development or other cattle apps or farming apps, cross verify your idea with a reputed mobile app development firm and know the success and scope of your business online.

Let’s now, look at the lessons from Tudder, dating app like Tinder, that revolutionized the dating industry.

3 Inspiring Lessons From Tudder, Tinder Like App For Cows, to Consider During Matchmaking App Development

#1 Match The Breeds Efficiently Through Tinder For Livestock

The farmers can use their smartphones in selecting the appropriate match for their bull or cow, it can be male or female. The Tudder, app like Tinder, makes the exact match possible without any misguidance of the information from registered farmers.

The human equivalent matchmaking app is quite easy to choose viable options for cows than human matches. The swipe option is universal i.e. swipe right- if yes and left- if no. The app similar to Tinder has an easy user interface that makes farmers easy to search for other cow breeds.   


Image Credit: Tudder App

The farmers, who are very serious about their farming and agriculture business, must exploit such apps. There are many agricultural apps that revolutionize the agriculture business. So, if you are confused about how to create an app like Tudder or cattle apps, apps related to plants and crops, you should definitely strive for answers from a mobile app development company.

#2 Resolved Transportation Problem In Real-Time

The Tudder app makes breeders choose what they see looks good, and contact the owner for further breed information. He can bid through a third party website SellMyLiveStock.

Such a facility is a boon for the farmers, it takes a parade for them to transport cows to the market and bargain for the price. Sometimes, it also happens that they are unable to find a suitable breed for “cattle breeding.” In that case, their time and money with animal fatigue cause a lot to a cattle breeder.

The Tudder app, for cattle breeding, gives them freedom and preference to select from a large genuine database. Farmers, who are technologically sound, should try such matchmaking app for their cows to have real-time breeding with a beforehand prediction of their off-spring breed. So, dating startups and entrepreneurs should consider this lesson when planning to develop dating app for cows.

#3 Huge Database With Accurate Information To Choose From

Let’s take an example, where a farmer goes to the market with the cows, but because of constant chaos and ruckus, it is not possible to go through every single random animal and information related to the breed.

The Tudder, successful matchmaking app, is an escape for the farmers from putting an animal in a lorry and to see the animal in its actual natural environment in the photos. The dating app like Tinder also has in-depth detailing of progeny, calving ability, and expected market value.


Image Credit: Tudder App

The farmers should indulge in such cattle apps for animal welfare and health. For a prosperous breed, it is essential to access farming and agriculture app.

Decided to Create an App like Tudder or Matchmaking App Development for the Welfare of Animals?

After going through these lessons of the Tudder, Tinder-like app for cows, it is very clear that mobile application development can actually flourish agriculture and farming industry. We have some statistics which states the “smart agricultural” technology market value.


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  • The global market size of smart agriculture is expected to grow from 9.5billion U.S. dollars in 2017 to 23.14 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

This increasing growth is knocking your doors to grab the opportunity and run your farming and agriculture business effortlessly. You may have certain queries like:

  • How much does it cost to create a matchmaking app like Tinder
  • How to create a dating app like Tinder, Grindr and Swoon
  • Does a farming and agricultural app development work from the business viewpoint
  • How to make money with an app idea on animal welfare
  • Cost of an Indian mobile app developer
  • How to hire a mobile app developer India

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