Best Makeover App Development: 4 Unique Features to Consider While Developing An App Like YouCam App

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When you land on our website and check our portfolio, you will notice we have mastery in photo editing app and makeover app development. In fact, we do have a separate team for it. A team that develops only photo video related mobile applications. Our team keeps learning and exploring trending photo video apps. Recently, the trend of Augmented Reality (AR) captured our attention when YouCam announced its plans for a new set of AR tools which lets the users try virtual make-up & live streaming. So, we along with our photo editing app consultant decided to round up 4 interesting and unique features of YouCam (AI and AR-based Makeup app) that you can consider while developing your own makeover app like YouCam.

In this digital world of Instagram and selfies, we all want our photographs to ace the online presence. Anyone around the world can take images at any given time. Photo apps have now become a creative hobby that has taken over photography through mobile phones.

As a beauty startup or entrepreneur, if you are facing problems in marketing your brand or are not able to reach your target audience, or want to add some creativity in your approach towards clients, we have a perfect mobile application solution for you in the form of a makeover app development.

Do you know how such app ideas help you to grow your beauty business? People can try filters related to your new beauty products or makeup looks before they approach you for an appointment. In this way, you will also understand your client’s desires and can also avoid miscommunication.

Now, for better understanding, let’s understand the very popular makeover app, YouCam. This real-time makeover app development was launched in 2014 by a company named Perfect Corp that gave the app world the very first taste of augmented selfies. 

Now, this best photo editor app has reached 730 million global downloads. According to SimilarWeb, it is popular in various countries like the UK, France, the U.S.A, and Germany. The app claims to have a total of 60 million monthly active users.

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Image Credit: SimilarWeb

After developing over 50 video and photo editing apps with over 10 unique features by using advanced technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), MetalKit, OpenGLES, and OpenCV. We make sure that every client of ours knows grossing apps in that genre so that it becomes easy for them to run a competitive analysis.

Talking about YouCam (best makeup app), the app is ranked among the top photo editing apps for the U.S.A. It is ranking at #41 position among the free and paid apps. There is space for every beautify app in the app genre, and all are enjoying their own niche target audience.

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Now, let’s dig deep and go to the crust of the YouCam app. Herein we have rounded up 4 unique features that can be considered during virtual makeup app development.

4 Unique Features of YouCam, Best Makeup App, to Consider During Makeover App Development

#1 3D models for a virtual makeover

The apps have opened new doorsteps from virtually trying on makeup to appointing a hairstylist. These are the apps people will make a space for on their shiny new device. Being in the beauty business, make sure you design and develop a camera makeup app that has a 3D model facility.

Considering such a feature while makeover app development helps in knowing exactly how the makeup or hairstyle looks on the user. For instance, hair color, ombre styles, and even a realistic flip of hair can make them relate to their look after the actual makeover. It is a major advantage for your app as consumers demand and expect more diversity from the beauty brands. 

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Being in the mobile app business, we have made some customized apps with exclusive features like filters, cartoon effects, photo collage, editing tools, frames, image fixers, layer management, and other useful features. Our developers never get settle for average; they constantly endeavor to bring out the best in your photo editing apps using advanced tools and technologies.

Expert Tip: Integrate a video recorder that helps in recording a makeover mashup video, trying on different makeup looks. This way a user can have a complete real-time makeover.

#2 Analysis of the skin in real-time

Smart facial detection will give your users the most true-to-life analysis which consists of overall skin health including dark circles, spots, skin health, and skin age. As a beauty startup or entrepreneur, your app can also have a skin calendar wherein users can track down their skin analysis results.

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To be the best makeover app provider, you will have to be a one-stop solution for your user’s beauty needs. For that, your mobile photo app can also have a “skin smoother” filter, which can resemble a smoother, toned, and discolored the skin. To make it a little interesting and engaging more audience, allow your users to add blush and remove shine to reveal the pristine face.

#3 Live streaming makeup tutorials

For developing a makeup application, if you put yourself in a user’s shoe, you will easily figure out essential features to include in your app. The essential feature is the “live streaming” in your makeover app. Especially for beauty startups like you, live makeup tutorials can help them in figuring out their hottest looks.

Along with this feature, you can also integrate real-time chat, allowing users to chat with beauty streamers to learn makeup tips and trends. This will give a booster to your app. A popular beauty streamer can create a hype for your makeover app. 

#4 Accessorize with the styling

Snapchat has brought the trend of accessorizing oneself.

No doubt about it that it brings a lot of fun. 

When we are talking about your beauty startup, give your users more options of dressing themselves with apt accessories. They can have a fair idea about how their outfit looks in person with the use of AI-based technology. 

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Image Credit: YouCam

The users can experiment with their hair colors, apply lipstick, whitten teeth, eyebrow makeover, add cool sunglasses, hair accessories, nose pins, change hairstyles. For user retainment and new engagements, this feature is an apt integration for your mobile application development

Our Accomplishments in the Photo Editing App Market

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From the collection of over 3500 apps that developed by us in different app genres, Funny Face Maker, Sawerly, Slide, Show Make are some of the top photo apps which can assure you for our expertise.

On a Concluding Note

After going through the unique features of YouCam, which is the best makeover app, you can also cross-verify your photo editor app idea whether it is simple or extraordinary. To make your app successful, we follow our mentioned photo editor app development process:

  • Analyzing clientele requirements
  • Wireframing 
  • Designing
  • Development 
  • Testing 
  • Deployment

If you are still curious to know about our mobile app development process steps or have any other query like how to make money with an app like YouCam, photo app development cost, makeover app development timeline, simply fill our contact us form. Our sales representative will consult you with apt mobile app solutions. The consultation is free of cost.

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