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A couple of years ago, emojis were the language of teens, but today, it is used by everyone.

People all over the world want to have emoji that makes their conversation more interesting. Responding to the user’s demand, the group that sets technical standards is adding 72 new emojis that is being released in 2016.

Thanks to the Unicode Consortium, we have a variety of emojis like facepalm, fingers crossed, shrug, selfie gender pairings 1, animals, food, drinks, faces, hand gestures, and sports.

By far, emojis are the favorite way of communicating so, Facebook Messenger also announced a brand new standardized Facebook Messenger emojis that offered more diversity and female options for emojis.

“From skin tones that you can choose to lots of women in great roles, Messenger is beginning to make emojis more representative of the world we live in,” it posted on its Facebook page.

Apart from Facebook Messenger, many celebrities like Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian and Stephen Curry have launched their own emoji application.

Muvamoji, an emoji keyboard app of Amber Rose, has earned more than $2 million on its launching day whereas “StephMoji” app of Stephen Curry, a popular NBA player (sorry LeBron), becomes the best-selling paid app on iTunes. KIMOJI app also becomes popular among its fans, providing access to 500+ emoji, stickers, and GIFs.

San Francisco based Personal emoji keyboard app, Mirror is all set to launch its beta app on Android & iOS platform. The Emoji app for iPhone allow users to use face recognition feature by scanning selfies to quickly create a custom emoji.

Mirror raised $3.5 million from its investors involving Kevin Durant and Peter Thiel.
The emoji beta launch was announced following Apple’s much alike Animoji launch.

Founded by Serge Faguet and Evgeny Kuryshev in 2017, Mirror is currently valued at $30 million after getting $3.5 million of investments in just three months of being started.

Snapchat Also Added Friend Emojis

Snapchat, the multimedia messaging app has introduced the friend emojis that describe your Snapchat relationship with the people you exchange the message. Snapchat also allows users to tell the difference between read and yellow heart. Users can customize setting by choosing the emoji that they want to change and get a new.

Emojis Are Also Celebrating Emirati Culture by Launching Mobile App

This Emirati culture based emoji mobile app has cultural symbols, famous landmarks, and Arabic phrases rather than hand signals, faces, and heart-shaped symbols. This app has more than 70 symbols, including yolla dance, Dubai Expo 2020, dokha pipe, aviator sunglasses, dates, and tea.

Even, we have developed emojis for automotive fans. We create an Emoji app, TunerMoji, is an ultimate keyboard app that works with all the messaging application, where copying and pasting of GIFs and images are compatible. [Developed in Swift, this application has 300+ tuner style emoji and stickers, including 100 Stickers, 150 car icons, and 75 automobile parts, and integrated with QWERTY keyboard for easy messaging.]

Emojis Are Still Blasting Off – Make Your Own Emoji App

Many businesses are missing out on being creative to engage their users. Emoji apps are best to develop, customize and monetize to generate revenue. There are many messaging applications earning a large amount of profit by selling emoticons packs.

Line Inc., the popular messaging app, is generating a major revenue stream by selling packs of 20-40 emojis and stickers for $1.99. Other messaging applications like WeChat have found their own unique method to localize emojis. WeChat, the Chinese chat application, launched MojiMe for users to turn their selfies into a customized sticker. Talking about the Slack, it allows users to modify their emoji reactions, according to their distinctive company cultures.


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